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  1. the first picture was a staged photo, can you recognise the actor in the rowing boat? In the second photo it is me standing at the stern. Was that in Islington, it looks very much like where we were moored there?
  2. Thanks koukouvagia for your tip, I have changed it. Hi nightwatch, I served from 1969 until 1977 as a stoker. Mainly greyships (Ulster, Blake, Ark Royal) but did the stint on the canals as a much deserved shore based posting. Then went to HMS Warrior as "Top Party" before joining HMS Leopard as a final draft.
  3. I helped decommission the boats at Uxbridge after the campaign was over. we stripped out some of the equipment including a periscope from a wartime mini submarine!! I wonder what happened to that? If the boat did go to the sea cadets, that is good. They were 62ft narrow boats.
  4. Hi All, I have just joined Canal world. Initially I was looking for information regarding the 4 Royal Navy narrow boats that were on the canals during 1973/74 as I was one of the lucky crew that served on them. The boats were commissioned as a publicity recruitment stunt for the Royal Navy, one was a Polaris submarine (Renown) there were 2 destroyers and a frigate. We set out from Little Venice, although we were originally based at Uxbridge. We spent nearly 11 months touring the canals and rivers of England, 2 boats went up one side of the country and 2 up the other. We went up as far as Manchester and Burnley stopping at different places during our voyage. I was assigned to the submarine. It was a very memorable part of my time in the Navy and we were very lucky to have such a cushy drafting. We were paid our wages plus living expenses but spent most of our time living on board the vessels, our sole duty was to show off the R.N. If any of you would like more info I will be happy to oblige, if I can answer your questions. Or if you were one of the crew please contact me. (nickname then Harby) Regards.
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