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  1. Now wait! First you tell me I have to drive on the "wrong" (left) side of the road and now your telling me I drive on the right side of the canal? Are you guys trying to confuse me? I am an American and not that smart! Next you will be telling me you drink warm beer! Thanks for all your and everyone elses help. We plan on having a great time enjoying the country side, the people and the pubs!
  2. are the police understanding of us non-brits when it comes to driving?"
  3. I bought one of those TomTom GPS things that has England in it also- we are banking it will get us to where we want to go "eventually"! We call roundabouts "circles" over here but most have been replaced with overpasses.
  4. I was told it was the best time weather wise for a boat trip. Always nice to see things from a different view point. Maybe England nowdays is glad it got rid of us! :-) Opps sorry- yea i guess you guys were driving over there before us, sorry about that. But old habits are hard to break! Can't wait for my first "round about"! Lets hope for sun!
  5. Well going to spend a sun filled week on the canals of England- how can life get better than that! Politics is fun to talk about but in the end we still have to go to work no matter who's in office. So enjoy like when you can. 55 MPH- If you drive 55 on a highway you will get ran over- Seems now days everyone drives closer to 80mph. Not worried about the speed just driving on the "wrong" side of the road!
  6. I will be sure to do that. Don't want you "brits" talking bad about us Americans! Will try and respect all the rules while over there and do things right so we get invited back! :-) Well I hate wearing a hat anyway, so that isn't going to be an issue. You got that rigth about rugby and cricket, I don; have a clue. I will stick to our baseball and our football! What the hell is a Tories?
  7. Thanks! these were both a great help. Really looking forward to the trip. Just hope the weather is good!
  8. If think it is best if we just stay in the Stratford Canal this time and enjoy as many pubs as we can find! Got to get the wife to try some of that cider! I hear good things about it! "-)
  9. Thanks for that information- was checking a book I got (Canal Companion) and it mentioned 2 canal pubs; " The Drawbridge" by bridge 8 and "The Horseshoe" by Bridge 3. They seem to be between Shirly and Brandwood Tunnel. Have you ever heard of them? As far as pulling over/up to these areas, what do you do? Are there places to tie up your boat? How about finding a place to spend the night. Do you just pull over anywhere? Are places marked? I know once we get there these questions will seem silly but just wanted to have a better understanding before we go. We are also spending a week in the "Lake District". Would you recommend any sights to see up in that area? We will have a car and staying in a condo and figured we would take day trips. That is if I can get used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road! :-)
  10. thanks for the input about the place to stay. We are hoping for all sunshine being from the sunshire state of Florida. I think where we are going is called the Stratford Canal. Seems like we should be able to get back north as far as Kings Norton in a week after heading down to Stratford first. I am impressed how helpfull everyone has been. Thanks! Good to know about the Opera capes. That is one less thing we have to pack!
  11. I got the Canal Companion, some towpath guide, and Waterways Guide 3 and 4- That is the good news, the bad news is I have not looked at them yet! Thanks for your input- If you see 4 fools from USA trying to steer a 65 foot boat into a lock- please give a hand! Will also look into getting a room near the airport! Just still not sure about that warm beer thing! :-) Blazer? Straw Hat? Knee-length shorts? We are from Florida- I don't even own a blazer! :-)
  12. Well it has been a while since I have been on here but our trip (first time) is coming up in a few weeks and thought I would ask for any last minute throughts or ideas. We booked our week trip from Anglo Welsh to leave out of Wootton Wawen. We plan on heading down to Stratford-Upon-Avon first, to check that out then heading back north to see how far we get before we have to turn around. We pick the boat up on the 5th of July. How has the weather been over there? I guess what I am interested in is there any "must see" things along the way. And how about pubs heading north out of Wootton Wawen. How do you know where to stop? We are from the USA so we mostly wear shorts and t shirts. Will that be a problem going into pubs? Not looking for fancy places to eat- would like to enjoy the local places. We are flying into and out of Manchester and need a place to stay Saturday night after the cannal trip for our flight back on Sunday morning (13th). Are there places in Wootton Wawen or are we better off going back towards the airport and looking for a place there? Should we try and make reservations ahead of time? Any help or comments anyone has would be greatly appreciated. We are first timers, so please be gently! :-)
  13. OH! Better send a private message next time. How do you do that? Going to help me get it on also? Ms Gerri
  14. Thanks for the advice- was just curious what to wear on the baot- are swim suits ok? how about the pubs. this is Bob's wife gerri and was just curious. can you go skinny dipping at night? hehe Ms Gerri
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