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  1. WHi All, I've been left up the creek!!! I have a Cinderella Toilet installed and working on a barge on Limehouse but need someone to fit a flue kit. I have this kit but a couple of extra bits will need to be sourced (elbow and rain cap, for example). Obviously, you'll need a hole saw to get through the steel roof. https://www.leesan.com/shop/cinderella-comfort-installation-kits.aspx?a=upd# Any recommendations for someone who could do this would be much appreciated. Regards, Paul
  2. Hi, Can anyone recommend a marine engineer/mechanic reasonably local to Limehouse. Having a few engine problems with my Gardner - nothing serious I hope - probably just an air block (famous last words). Could really do with building a relationship with someone who likes to play with hydraulics as I also have a Lister donkey engine in my forepeak which is destined to power my bow thruster. Kind regards, Paul
  3. Hi All, Thanks for all of the info - I went for high pressure water blasting as recommended by many. Did a great job and welders were able to weld straight onto the result. Still amazing how much gunk comes off the interior of a 100 yr old barge! Lots of shovelling and sweating after the job! No easy way around this as the barge has 44 ribs. All the best, Paul
  4. Hi, I'm renovating a large Dutch barge with a hold about 5m x 24m. The ribs needs a good blasting to get rid of surface rust. I've got a water blaster with a shot blast attachment. I tried it on a test area and it worked fine but I'd prefer to not have to deal with the waste when doing the entire interior. I've heart that an alternative to shot blasting is ice crystal blasting. Has anyone any experience of this or able to recommend a contractor? The barge is in Hampshire BTW. Thanks in advance for any pointers, Paul
  5. Hi, I have some welding to complete on a barge in Hythe, Hampshire. This is a personal barge renovation project. I have a few ongoing jobs - some small and others a bit more 'challenging'. I've posted to the DBA and a few other forums but am posting here in case anyone happens to know any welders in those parts. I'd really appreciate any recommendations. Kind regards, Paul
  6. Thanks guys, Yep, they bed is a box with no ventilation beneath whatsoever. My plan is to: 1 - lag the pipe to reduce condensation around it 2 - insulate the floor 3 - create a vent in the bed/box Does that sound like a sane approach? Hopefully, this will be the last mattress I have to bin. Cheers, Paul
  7. I have exactly the same issue. The bed on my boat is 130cm wide but all mattresses are either 120cm or 135cm - aargh! If anyone knows of a supplier that has 130cm wide mattresses I will buy them some serious beers. I just moved onto a boat last week and found some damp under the bed. Looks like I'll be able to cure the woodwork with a bit of mould killer and airing the place out but the mattress has grotty mould spots on the base. The cold water supply runs under the bed and (to my simple eye) it looks like over time, water has condensed on the pipe and migrated to the bed. I'm hoping that in future, lagging the pipe and better ventilation will help. Do I understand that correctly? i.e. by lagging the pipe and improving the flow of air, the moisture will bugger off somewhere else! I'm pretty certain that it isn't a leak. Thanks for any pointers, Paul
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