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  1. Hey agg221 cor you really put the wind up me. I hadn't even heard of Denham Lock but checked it up on the map and yeah, it was on the way (leaving from near Watford) and looked at the stoppages and then promptly forgot the date and thought Monday was the 1st of November. Phew but it's not. And breath. As an FYI anybody reading this thread Denham Lock is closed from 01/11-10/12
  2. Thanks Tim. I've just rejoined Facebook for the very purpose of interacting with my (future) fellow boaters. BSC has delayed things and now my cruise up to the Lea will be on Monday onwards
  3. Thanks for the replies. Looks like I have to go it alone (I hate doing things I don't know how to do properly) as you said Alan de Enfield. And thanks for all the info. Seems to have been a bit of a hold up getting a gas pipe fitted anyway so may not be this weekend which would be a bit of a shame. Many thanks - no doubt I'll be back soon.
  4. So I'm fulfilling an ambition I've had for 25 years (blimey!) and I've bought/am buying a narrowboat. The boat is in Herts on the Grand Union, and I want to move it to somewhere on the Lea, maybe up to Stanstead Abbots-ish. The problem is I have zero experience of boating, that's a lie actually in 1998 I drove a narrowboat for about 15 seconds - I ended up smacking into some lock gates in Islington, I was swiftly removed from command. The current owner of my boat is going to give me a day of his time on Friday (if current plan goes ahead) and we'll start our cruise through that-London. However I wouldn't mind some tuition/company on the remaining days. So if you're a personable individual, skilled in the ways of the inland boater and are able to empart that knowledge to a boating neophyte then please get in touch, I am able to pay for your time. I'll be staying on the boat overnight, but expect you'll be going back to your own boat/whatever and then coming back to my boat on the next day. The boat is 45' long and about 9' wide so shouldn't present too much of a problem size wise anyway. Hopefully this post is allowed - I guess it's technically an ad - if you need to move it please do
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