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  1. Website Name: BLUE STAR SURVEYS Website URL: HTTP://WWW.BLUESTARSURVEYS.CO.UK Website Description: MARINE SURVEYOR AND BOAT SAFETY SCHEME EXAMINER Any other comments: Blue Star Surveys specialize in the surveying of all types of boats, fast planing boats, narrowboats, canal cruisers, barges, as well as all types of yachts and sailing vessels. All boat surveys are completed by our fully qualified and insured Small Craft Marine Surveyor, who will produce a fair and precise report on the condition of the vessel. For pre-purchase surveys, insurance surveys, ultrasonic hull surveys, osmosis inspections, damage surveys, or new build surveys. As well as boat surveys Blue Star Surveys are also able to offer Boat Safety Scheme Examinations, with the benefit of the examination being carried out by our qualified Marine Surveyor. Based in Yorkshire we are able to cover Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire as well as the Midlands and all of Northern England. Surveys in France, Holland and Spain are undertaken either via ferry or cheap flights from local airports, 'at cost' travel expenses may well be cheaper than using a local surveyor. Frequent commissions around the country can sometimes mean shared expenses and cheaper prices, please ring or email for a very competitive quote.
  2. Hi, Depend wether you spend £500 or £2000 on an ultrasound meter, I have a Cygnus 4 by Cygnus instruments, it uses multiple pulse echo that ignore some scale and the paint system. Means I can do alot more readings to give a more thorough survey and its quicker for me to do. Have a look at Cygnus instrument website. Mike
  3. Hi, As a surveyor a quite regularly break things on boats, but if I can break them with a small hammer or with my own mighty strength what chance would they have in a collision or grounding. The owners of the boat are usually happy that the weakness has been found when the boat isnt in the water. Surveyors using the correct equipment shouldnt have to grind anything off to take ultrasonic readings as technology allows the paint system to be ignored when taking readings. Mike
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