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  1. Hi David, was thinking of going to look at the boat given that its priced reasonably, how necessary was the over plating when you had it, was it the sides at water line or uxter  plate etc that needed doing.

    Also the index number doesn't match the year of build , it states 1989 build in advert, but the index no 79666 matches a boat built pre 1980. Do you know any history of why this should be?

    Much appreciated thank you

    1. dor


      Hi Karen

      The year of manufacture was definitely 1988 or 1989.   BW as it was then were a bit erratic with there numbering back then, and so there are some odd anomalies.  Just realised - the number you give is 79666, Isis (formerly 'Four Winds') was 75666.

      The boat for sale on "Boatsandoutboards" is definitely the Isis I had.

      I had the boat surveyed in 2007 as it was coming up to 20 years old.  The surveyor was a bit over-cautious, and also I suspect was in with the owner of the yard where it was surveyed who ten offered to buy it from me at a very low price!  The bow was very knocked about and was scalloped around the internal ribs leading to points of weakness on the high spots.  It also had some quite significant pitting which was the main reason for recommending over-plating. Much of the pitting that I saw was on the sides of the hull (the hull had been pressure-washed with blacking in mind) but there were also thin patches on the base plate.  I'm quite surprised it has survived another ten or eleven years since I parted with it without being over-plated.  Maybe the pitting has been filled with a squirt of MIG weld - potentially dangerous as the insulation was expanded polystyrene.

      Hope this helps; feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


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