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  1. Having great time do think canalplan is over egging the daily distances though or I’m slow 🙂. 9-4 today with hour lunch done 11 miles tbh it’s enough for me too looks like we will get to the greyhound before turning around and heading Back still it’s the journey that counts and everyone has been so friendly to us newbies.
  2. First time on a narrowboat next week and cannot wait, hiring from Kate Boats and planning to go from Stockton base up to the Ashby and back. Chose this route as there are less locks so we get a gentle introduction to them. I have heard the Ashby is very shallow and mooring is difficult? Is this the case. Advice would be great for dog friendly pubs on the way and best mooring spots, based on the canal plan website it looks like we need to do around 7 1/2 hours of cruising a day so not sure if we will actually get to Market Bosworth.
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