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  1. Do any of the fuel boats in the west midlands suppy and fit leisure batteries. I am not physicaly able to handle 3 leisure batteries and a starter battery so it would be great to have them delivered along side and if at all possible fitted and old ones disposed off and it would be supporting business on the cut.
  2. Anyone know of a battery supplier in the Stafford area who will supply and fit three new leisure batteries in a narrowboat please? Mine are goosed and need replacing and I am no longer able to man handle that sort of weight around.
  3. I am looking for recommendations for a boat fitter to undertake refitting our galley and bathroom. I have scoured the internet and canal magazines but I would very much appreciate some personal recommendations rather than risk falling for a glossy advert masking a possible cowboy; our cash is to hard come by at the moment to fritter away. The boat is moored near Great Haywood so I would prefer a fitter based in the area or within a reasonable cruising range as the boat will have to be moved possibly over a long weekend. From my experience reading CWF daily I know you guys have a wealth of experience and knowledge of all things canal related so many thanks in anticipation for your help. Dave
  4. We called them chuggy pigs when we were kids, but I knew exactly what you meant
  5. I have read much and said little because there is only one thing that has ever provoked such contempt, loathing and disgust, Thatcher! Yes I lived through her reign. Perhaps better if I leave it at that because it is a struggle to remain civil. When she came to power I was a member of the young conservatives when she left and ever since I have been an active member of a trade union. The only thing I have to thank her for is opening my eyes to reality.
  6. You had your heart attack yet, I have! It is amazing how it sharpens your taste buds to the joys of sunflower oil. I was almost a martyr to Stilton that king of cheeses or a really mature cheddar, not really into that girlie Yorkshire Wensleydale stuff............ but no more, be warned.
  7. What is the most common wine at Xmas? Oh no not sprouts
  8. Essentials, more like coronary suicide..............get thee behind me satan
  9. Santa brought me norovirus, rough as toast
  10. That's odd I always thought German car electrics were crap as most BMW/Audi/Merc's indicators don't seem to work!
  11. You wouldn't keep real beer in a fridge!
  12. Boat Inn for me, tried both before deciding, tough but someones got to do it. Both dog friendly which is a must for me, pooch is part of the family after all. Food in both was good but better in the Boat, what clinched it was the welcome which was miles better in the Boat. Even called in one winter sunday evening and the landlady despite having finished serving food went back into the kitchen and rustled up some top nosh for me and said pooch. So now I always make a point of calling in when passing.
  13. Yes they do Martin I have used them a couple of times over the last few years. They operate the day boats under the name Karen's Day Boat Hire +447519275016. I agree it is not obvious from their website but the were certainly hiring.
  14. linky thing We had a Lombardini engine from new, it failed we threw cash at it but it was never the same again. Eventually we took up the skip option and replaced it with a new isuzi 42 and never looked back. Having experienced life with a Lombardini I would agree with your engineer friend they belong in a skip, wouldn't touch another one with a barge pole. See link below for Lomdardini manual http://service.lombardinigroup.it/english/man_index_gb.htmMy link
  15. This would imply that a 45% rise over 10 years would be fair, I doubt my employer would consider it fair should I demand a 45% rise. He would probably suggest the 4.5% rise he gave me over the last 10 years was more than reasonable
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