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  1. Haha, no, I've been reading with great interest, taking it all in. Yeah I've been down at the quay meeting people who live on board etc. I think all the above is great advice and Doncaster isn't far at all. I'm sure I will fall in love with a boat and go for it at some point, but until them I'm learning as much as possible from wise advisors like yourselves. Thanks v much for all the useful info, feedback and frivolity too, all really helpful stuff, very much appreciated.
  2. I've got 15k now but expect to have 22-25k v.soon. I'm wondering if I'd be better off starting with a cheaper small GRP to see if I fall in love with the water in the first instance and saving for grander schemes in a few years. I'll hire something soon for a week. Sheffield has a really nice community of luvaboards that I think I'd enjoy being around but I'm planning, for the moment, just short to medium breaks. Bed, cooker, toilet, sink and table are all I'll need in the short term.
  3. Ha! Thanks. I swear this city is designed to keep me trapped. The tourist info should read "Visit Sheffield, you'll never leave!"
  4. Hi all, total newbie here, finally saved enough to consider boating options and need advice which may well be tedious for seasoned canal dwellers. My gran was Crystal Hale, who set up the Islington Boat club and saved the canal basin from developers and her father was A.P.Herbert, author of The Water Gypsies. You can see why my mid life crisis time has driven me back to the water's edge! Now my son has grown up and I have time for myself I'm really keen to get back on the cut. I'm kind of desperate to. I live and work in Sheffield so no decent rivers. There is the tinsley canal etc but I don't think you can get very far without involving a river or two. I'm looking for adventure and want to get to know the UK better. I love water and boats, miss the River Leam and the Thames, which I grew up by and the yearning is now urgent. I have to be in Sheffield most of the time still, but can take long breaks and work from away enough to make it worth it. I'd like to take regular 4 days breaks, on my own or with 1 other. I've only ever been a passenger in an NB and a GRP so I'm looking for advice on how to sensibly get started. With the Sheffield issue, is it possible to travel far on an NB from here or would I need a GRP cruiser so as to include rivers if I want to get out of Yorkshire? How limiting would a small NB be? It's my first question because I imagine the training will be quite different. Is this the right way around to be thinking about it or is there a better newbie approach? Thanks for any responses, sorry if I'm boring you.
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