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  1. Apologies for the delay, only just picked this up. Will send by PM Well... can't do that either, max size is 2.93MB, PDF file is 4+MB. Can't send zip files either. PM me with your email address please.
  2. Hello, PDF sent by PM. Pity there is not a section on the site where we can post manuals and the like, for everybody to access. (Larger than 2.93MB)
  3. Normally, for marine applications (and many others) this would be an insulated return system, as long as the dynamo is insulated return.
  4. I found the PDF file of the 189A. Please see PM sent to OP. The extra coils are probably field resistors but I am not sure, without seeing it. In any case the PDF will give you the mechanical & electrical settings, there is a table on the last page which covers your dynamo. Not seen the solid state regs for many many years but they were fitted to trains. Regards, John
  5. Wiring diagram shows field to Pos regulation and dual field circuits.
  6. This may help. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362982127782?autorefresh=true See diagram on pictures supplied in the listing.
  7. Hello Tony, Understood. I am back at the boat next week and will take a piece of tube with me and use as instructed. I also have a clamp on ammeter so I can check the individual charging currents. Will report back then but in the meantime many thanks for taking an interest.
  8. Hello Tony, nothing fancy about the Alternator setup. No sterling Devices or anything else. Just a 2 x 80amp, with one alternator charging the Engine battery and the other charging the Leisure batteries (2 of these). I don't rule anything out but I do suspect the gearbox as I know the addition of the ATF did originally cause a problem which was apparently cured when it was replaced with mineral oil.
  9. Hello, I don't know as I was not present at the time. I don't blame the engineer because if you look at the PRM website, it specifies ATF ! What they don't make clear is that PRM80's manufactured prior to 2007 use mineral oil. This is what my handbook says and what PRM told me on the telephone.
  10. Thanks again. I will be back at the boat next week and check both the oil content and gear linkage.
  11. Tony, Thanks for the reply. I check the prop every day prior to running. There is and was no fouling issue. The screeching was very apparent, so presumably not a fuel problem. The alternator belts are tight (also a daily check). There are two alternators both Lucas design flatbacks @ 80amps each. Both batteries are at 13.7v. (static). I have not checked the charging current but batteries are only 12 months old and have never been flat. Hider, Thanks for the second reply. PRM say that ATF should not be used on PRM80's prior to 2007. They advise that mineral oil only should be used but declined to say what the consequences might be. I check the prop every day prior to running. There is and was no fouling issue.
  12. My boat is powered by an Isuzu 25 hooked to a PRM80 gearbox. It has done 2000+ hours from new in 2007. When I last had the boat serviced at the end of April this year, I was surprised to see a charge for Automatic Transmission Fluid on the invoice. On querying this I was told by the servicing engineer that the PRM80 should take ATF. However, in my handbook it states that mineral oil should be used and I had always used that in the past. On first use after the service I noticed that the revs/boat speed were fluctuating when the boat was first started (for about 10 minutes running) On contacting PRM I was told that my gearbox, being 2007 or earlier should not use ATF but the mineral oil as in the handbook. I informed the servicing engineer who kindly came back to the boat and changed the ATF for mineral oil. All was well for about 30 or 40 hours running after that (no fluctuations in speed or revs). However yesterday and the day before on first running the engine from cold the revs refuse to go over 800 and the boat will not drive faster than about 1mph in forward or reverse. This is accompanied by a light screeching noise. After about 10 minutes running the noise stops and the boat behaves normally and I am able to cruise at 1500 revs which is my normal cruising speed. I wonder if anyone can shed light on what my problem may be?
  13. Or, you could buy 2, direct from IKEA IKEA Steps and still have enough for a pint or 2.
  14. Thanks for the info. It seems that the Three 12gb is the one to go for because it lasts for 12 months. Although I would probably never use it up.
  15. I know this topic has been thrashed out numerous times but I still find it very confusing. I have an EE WiFi unit (40VB) which it seems I can get unlocked on E bay for 99p. My data usage is very small, being e-mail checks and a little surfing, no videos or music etc. What I am looking for is a free Sim, on a Pay as you go basis with no monthly charge and either no time limit on usage or at least 6 months before the allowance expires. Does such an animal exist?
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