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  1. Hello Canalfolk, I hope I'm posting this in the right forum and please move if not admins! I'm currently writing the sequel to a book I wrote in 2020 which (surprisingly) has done very well. In the sequel there's a sequence that takes place on the Bridgewater Canal and down to the Stretford Marina. As part of the research for the book I'd like to come and work and stay on a barge and be able to travel along that stretch of the canal. It would really help me to create an accurate picture of the details of the barge in the book. It sort of falls short of being a holiday let but I thought it might be a better one to explain on a forum like this one and see if anyone could help me locate the sort of thing I'm after. I'm happy and flexible regarding size/facilities but it would be good if there was a bed and somewhere to put a laptop. A toilet would probably come in useful over the three days as well. Dates - end of Sept for 3 days/nights ideally based in and around Stretford Marina. Otherwise any days on the w/c 25th October would work well too. Thanks in advance!
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