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  1. Thanks for all your help. It was Richard just North of Cropredy who told me and showed me that this work needs doing but he really doesn't want to do it himself. The person he recommended (Dale) has gone out of business. Not sure I could or would want to do it myself. And Richard did say I might not be able to use off the shelf parts. So I guess I am looking for someone who has the relevant skills to help and advise and actually do the work. If I use Richard's slip way I would need someone lined up to do the work in the days available. Or I could use another boat yard to do blacking and investigate my leak and replace stern tube if needed. Thanks again
  2. I have been told we need to replace the 12 pitch stern tube on our 1992 narrowboat as too much water getting in. I understand we will need to replace with a a smaller pitch. Will the replacement need to be custom made? Does anyone know somewhere that can do this work in the Napton-on the Hill area? Or, know someone who can come to a dry dock (in spring 2020) while we are being blacked to do the work?
  3. Fran

    Vanette cooker size?

    Many thanks for the link,I was looking for ages and couldn't find anything but 'obsolete'. I have just ordered 4 and hope that they really do have them in stock.
  4. Can anyone tell me the measurements of a Vanette 5000 WL cooker? Width, depth and height please. I think I may need to buy a new cooker but not sure of size I need. Better still would be if I could just find replacement 'burner skirts' which I have been told must be replaced in order to pass the boat safety check but I can't locate any anywhere. Any ideas on where I could find four would be very much appreciated.
  5. My boat is near Napton and I am in London. I would be interested to know who this lady is near you and where she operates from. Can you pass her details on to me? Is that allowed? Ta Fran
  6. Has anyone got any suggestions of where I can get my old tatty and leaky canopies copied? A couple of firms I have contacted will only supply their own designed canopies. This means paying for them to measure up and fit new fittings all of which seems unnecessary and very expensive. Thanks Fran
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