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  1. Ouch, not good. I know the feeling and sympathise. So you're going for the mini parts then and not the toyota items?
  2. Hi Stuart, how did your alternatives work out? I'm going to have to replace my bushings soon too. Grateful for your insights.
  3. Hi all, Here's a question for those of you familiar with this particular piece of kit. I've had this stern gear seal since the boat was built 12 years ago [about 1900 running hours, not much in 12 years I guess] and a great piece of kit it is too. However, during a recent trip around the four counties it's started to drip. I did do some maintenance on it a few years back, inserting a fresh shot of the official grease between the seals, but I guess nothing lasts forever. So it looks like she'll have to come out for a replacement. The question is, whilst I've been looking into the technical bit on the seal it seems that the lubricating/cooling water supply is supposed to be into the seal, as opposed to expelled from the seal. However, on my boat the connection point of the pipe is actually on the weedhatch body at a point actually above the water level, when the props not turning. So, what the hell? The builders built plenty of these, so mine can't be the only one.... Anyone shed any light on the subject?
  4. When I did it few years back I just used silver hammerite. Great job.
  5. My deck boarding is getting a bit past it. Its 18mm buffalo board per original fitment by the builders. I can get a sheet of board and cut it myself, but anyone know of a timber merchant or boat builder around the nantwich/chester area who can supply and cut to size? A lot of timber merchants even if they can supply only seem to be able to do straight cuts.
  6. Thanks all, it's a vertical calorifier, normal household size, I'm not clear from your responses which side you're saying to fit, though probably doesnt make much difference I guess...?
  7. Hi, thanks for the quick response. Perhaps you are correct, but I refer to a normal calorifier set up where the flow comes in from the bottom and the heat will sink out of the coil as the tank cools. However, I guess either will work to stop the flow. Thanks for the experience on cooling pump flow, I guess that sounds like a good bit more that the 0.3 bar min pressure for a normal domestic check valve. Cheers.
  8. Something I've been meaning to address for years, but never got around to, is the cooling effect of return convection from the domestic hot water tank to the engine (& thus the hull panel), resulting in a reduction of hot water in the mornings, particularly in winter . All it needs is a check valve in the flow from the engine to the bottom of the calorifier, but as it's only the pressure of the engine water pump pushing the flow I'm a bit unsure of the suitability of a normal domestic water system valve. Anyone any recommendations as to type of valve?
  9. You're quite correct, but only until it gets damp again, which is only a matter of time. Current one is a VDO item, but this WEMA one I have no experience of, thus asking if anyone else has.
  10. Hours readout on my tacho has been grudging eventually coming up for the last year or so but, now not having it at all. I imagine this is down to a crack in the gauge face that occurred some time ago (a belt from a windlass at some stage probably), so time to replace. I've picked up a WEMA item pretty cheaply and will fit in the next month or so. Whilst the wiring is slightly different I've sussed it out and it shouldn't present any issues. However, I'm wondering if anyone has installed one of these gauges and whether they've had any problems with it?
  11. Yes, you mean the Staffordshire arm, over towards the museum? I've always been a little Leary of that side as it doesn't appear too salubrious and seems a little isolated.... Any experience of mooring that side?
  12. Hi all, I'm after some up to date info on visitor mooring in Castlefield basin. We're thinking of doing a run up to Manchester 2nd week of Easter and last time I was there (it was a while ago) a resident told me peel holdings were going to let off a lot of the space as permanent moorings, which I believe came to fruition. It was not always easy to get a decent slot there anyway, so I imagine it's pretty hard now, especially at peak periods. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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