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  1. Well I went to look at the boat yesterday.,it’s a complete wreck inside and out! The hull has had some overplating done about 15 to 20 years ago and the engine wouldn’t start! There’s been a hole near one of the gunnels which has been leaking and caused considerable rust on the inside. The top is still in good condition although needs painting. It would be a complete restoration project which sadly i don’t have the time for...would be lonely when finished...
  2. It was built by harborough marine, has a lister s3 which was rebuilt late 90s. I have a couple of photos of the outside taken a few years ago. It’s been left for a couple of years. Yes it is a wet bilge, not sure if shower and sink go into it as well. This is a concern of mine... wouldn’t that cause damp problems? Tbh even if the whole hull needed doing I think it’s probably a reasonable price! Going to have a proper look at it tomorrow. I do like the idea of doing up an old boat.
  3. Yes it’s a steel hulled narrowboat from 1970. The hull has had some overplating about 20 odd years ago and needs a bit of repair so I’m anticipating it will probably all need doing again although i can get the boat for £5000 so that’s not too worrying... I’m thinking of it as a bit of a restoration project although the top all looks very tidy and painted not too long ago. Has nice wooden grab rails along the top!!
  4. Hi there, I’ve been offered an old boat at a good price as a project and it has a fibre glass cabin, all seems to be in good/reasonable condition just wondering if anyone had any experience of these.
  5. I’m just going by the surveyors report....
  6. I would keep it there for now. Yes I agree, I think £8000 to £9000 would be fair considering what needs doing and transport/storage costs until it can be done. Technically it’s scrap until the work is done!!
  7. Near Abergavenny but I don’t mind within reason... Yea, from research I’ve been doing I think it’s overpriced, was thinking of offering £10,000 tops. The refit is something I’d like to do so I’m not to worried about that side of things.
  8. Hi there, I’m thinking of buying a 1988 40ft narrow boat. It’s currently on offer for £14000 but the hull needs overplating. Everything else seems in order, a few minor things inside I can do myself as I will be refitting the interior. I’m after advice as to where to take it for overplating, if it’s worth it etc etc . Other people’s experiences with similar projects and so on. many thanks,
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