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  1. Hi all, thank you for your quick and knowledgeable replies. It sounds like this is a non-starter (for me at least) I'd looked at cooker widths but hadn't checked depths, and having to run 240v cabling round to the other side of the boat, so that the oven and grill are usable sounds like more work than I have time for. I had hoped that there might be some sort of 12v adaptor kit that I hadn't yet stumbled across, I guess that would be too easy. I really appreciate your considered advise, I think the next step will be scouring chandler's websites and caravanning suppliers. Thanks all, Nat
  2. It's finally time to replace our cooker. I've looked at various options, several places have suggested buying an lpg cooker from Curry's or appliances online, but I haven't found information for converting them to 12v, presumably cookers are wired for 240v (?) for the ignition system and the silly clock, and maybe some safety features? Thanks, Nat
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