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  1. No, it isn't easy to replace. The 1.5 is annoyingly sensitive to getting the timing right When you crank the engine, how long does it take before you get white smoke at the exhaust? And - I'd check your heater plugs first Richard
  2. Correct - it is a specification. PRM say your gearbox will use ATF Dextron II or III For instance: https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-and-fluids/gearbox-oil/halfords-automatic-transmission-and-power-steering-fluid-dii-1l-724930.html Richard
  3. That's what I would use, if I didn't have a 5 litre bottle of ATF already Richard
  4. https://www.prm-newage.com/c15-older-models This clearly says ATF, and that is what most of these small cone clutch gearboxes use By all means put in what you like - I would only put in ATF. I've have radically improved the performance of several of these gearboxes by using ATF (like it says on the gearbox) Now, does your gearbox look like the one in this link?: https://www.prm-newage.com/media/File/PRM120.pdf Richard
  5. BCN Challenge is still on which usually clashes with Crick Richard
  6. No idea. I'm not saying it is a good idea, just that it isn't unusual to find PRM 260 gearboxes with a black plug rather than a breather Richard Yes - a PRM 120 usually* uses ATF. What does it say on the top of the gearbox? Richard *cue a discussion about old manuals/phone calls to Newage/etc. about oil
  7. It is not unusual to find PRM 260 gearboxes with a black blanking plug instead of a breather Richard
  8. I've just made another request - let's see what happens Richard
  9. Is there any way we can split this conversation off the thread content about someone being killed? Richard
  10. Oh, they exist, they're just rare that's all. I have come across direct drive gearboxes, not a 3:1 yet Richard
  11. Wish I had seen this thread before - I have yet to come across a reduction box on an LH150 that isn't 2:1 Richard
  12. RLWP

    Dipstick possibly

    The door has been drilled and a brass plug fitted, meaning you probably won't be able to fit the sleeve to the door for the dipstick It's probably a door for an SR2, not a marine SR2 I don't have my dipstick identifier handy to say if a #6 is the correct one Would you like me to check if we have an SR2 door with an intact dipstick tube? Richard
  13. RLWP

    Dipstick possibly

    And that's almost certainly an industrial door. Notice the bolts to mount a filter Richard
  14. And a good poke with a screwdriver? Richard
  15. It can't be hard to unbolt the stantions Then it would look much like Sickle Richard
  16. RLWP

    Modern Oils

    Given it's ability to drop valve heads if the cooling got compromised, I have to agree! Like getting a paper towel in the fan We have 20 litre barrels of SAE30 and offer a discount to HNBC members Richard
  17. I got there by experience, you deduced why it wasn't really a good idea It was hoped that the HP fuel pumps would shear the long chain molecules making the fuel usable. Didn't work... Richard
  18. Kerosene doesn't ignite easily, it has to be finely atomised to get it to go. Unfortunately, if you crash a plane and rupture the tanks, that causes atomisation and fire. Anti misting kerosene (AMK) was supposed to be a solution to that. Unfortunately AMK had two significant problems: It was a crap fuel, difficult to make work in gas turbines because of the small control holes in the fuel system, and: It still burned if you crashed a 'plane Richard
  19. I kind of lost track of that world after being involved in developing fuel systems for anti-misting kerosene. Jet fuel is diesel was near enough for me I was trying to find out something about Winter Diesel, which I believe is the universal fuel used on the arctic for everything - aero engines included Richard MORE: which goes to show, I should read all the responses before replying: Only, I got the wrong end of the world
  20. You might scrape your handrail in Ashtead Tunnel against the roof on the offside - most people do Richard
  21. We're drifting off into personal views on what is acceptable, I think. I can't remember any night time disturbances at Star City, I wasn't there on those occasions. Much like reports of 'bandits', if you are there when it happens it's very distressing and the story hangs around for years. If you are there on occasions when it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen Another one to add is the Camp Hill moorings at the top of the locks. Offside, gated and with access to the sanitary station - the shower is good. @Nightwatch I guess none of this is really helping Richard
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