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  1. Thank you very much! I’m certainly going to explore all avenues before “giving up”. I do like a challenge. I can but try and if the answer is no at the end of it, then I will be content. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  2. Thanks Jen, I don’t live aboard, so the work/life separation won’t be a problem. When we leave the marina later in the year which is currently quite a distance from where we live, I hope to sustain leaving the boat canalside nearby under the crt rules of moving around, at least for a while so I can get a feel for how it will work and until I can find a location that is just right (marina/permanent mooring).
  3. Thank you - I’ll have a look at this. I guess there would need to be some form of robust risk assessment beforehand on a individual case, to determine who is suitable for said therapy.
  4. I’m interesting to hear more about this if you have details? That is so interesting that this service is offered. It sounds amazing Hi. I’m in the north west, I’m also considering outdoor therapy, maybe this will overtake the idea of “boat therapy”.
  5. I agree with you! I think the idea of cc’ing and providing counselling (yes could be long term) is getting further and further away from my romanticised idea. There is such a shortage of spaces on marina’s these days and of course then overcoming the agreement of accepting people onto the boat for insurance purposes is another thing.
  6. This is a good point. I am a fully qualified therapist, currently practicing under an ethical body, with regular supervision, which is at the moment provided online. And yes, unfortunately there are people out there calling themselves a counsellor without any professional training which, which is up to them, but certainly not ethical. This is the problem with the profession being unregulated.
  7. Very interesting! And I agree with above points, the most practical thing would be to operate from a mooring, in terms of insurance and liability. All good things for me to think about as was actually wanting to get away from the marina lifestyle as I feel like a bird with its wings clipped 😂 Thank you!
  8. Thanks guys. I think the main thing I need to think about where I may operate. Ideally this would be canalside, but there are many things to consider, like the above, how clients will find me etc. it is just a thought at this stage and hope that I can turn my passion into reality as I know first hand the benefits of being on/near water. Surely it’s worth me considering? I haven’t approached my ethical body, but that is a good point, maybe one of the first steps I should take. I have seen at least one other person offering counselling from their boat, of course I don’t know if they are insured, if it’s been ok with a professional body and how they navigate gaining clients. Maybe it’s a niche worth exploring as I know first hand how calming the water can be.
  9. Hi all, this is the first step into doing my homework and since I have had the most amazing support here in the past, I’d thought it might be a good place to start. I’m a qualified counsellor and am tempted to offer therapy from my narrowboat in the future, but I can’t think of all the obstacles that I may come across? I’ve thought about insurance, roving traders license and where I will moor. I get so much joy and peace from being on the water and wonder whether I can make this work. I’m open to thoughts and suggestions. Happy day to you all.
  10. Yes, I will try this. We virtually spent a week on the boat with very little off the boat time, which was nice, but not doing me any favours x
  11. That’s a good thought! This is something we will look into once back to home mooring it’s going in for blacking in a few weeks, so will enquire about the ballast whilst it’s out of water! It’s day two now and I’m still suffering. Admittedly not as bad while I’m walking around, but as soon as I sit down, or stand still it’s off again.
  12. Thanks. Planning a run after work. Got to be worth a go or my narrowboating days could be over very quickly 😞
  13. I hope so. Still feeling a little wobbly this morning, but hoping it wears off after a day at work
  14. No need to apologise, it might me helpful in this case for me to also “jog” to the nearest off license we’re returning to the boat at the weekend to continue our journey, but this disturbance is quietly putting me off. I didn’t have much time off the boat, only to fill up the water & diesel tanks, to which I thought the office where I paid was floating on water to my amusement at the time, I thought it would be short lived and a “one off” and saw the funny side, till I’ve come back to reality and it’s ugly head has followed me. Hoping for some relief after a good sleep.
  15. Thanks. Yeah, I think it’s the simple motion, I think it must affect everyone differently no matter how subtle. Strange phenomena isn’t it, laying down and sitting still makes it worse. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.
  16. Thank you very much for your reply. I must admit I’ve struggled today being unsteady on my feet hence not had the motivation to get out, but if it still persists tomorrow, I will have a good few mile walk/jog and see if that makes the difference. All the best.
  17. Thanks for your reply. It’s very interesting that it does get less the more time you spend afloat, this is very positive news. It’s still all new to me but this is one thing that I didn’t expect, so has taken me by surprise. It seems like a common thing to happen, so gives me comfort.
  18. Omg I already have this lol.
  19. That’s good to hear! Yes, it’s so strange. I went to do a food shop this afternoon and it felt like the supermarket was on water. Hoping to wake up tomorrow and it’s eased.
  20. I hope it subsides for me too. I guess only time will tell 🙂
  21. Hi all, so we’ve just come home after our first week on our new nb. I adjusted really well to being on the water, however, now I am home, every time I sit or lie down, I feel like I’m swaying & bobbing - not a nice feeling. I’m really hoping it subsides as this might be the breaking of my new found love of the water. Anyone else suffer? I’ve read horror stories of people having it permanently, but quickly stopped reading
  22. Not the best photo of the switch. It seems to be working again this morning. It’s definitely something I will take a look at when I get the boat home.
  23. Yay- so can I now I know it’s working, I probably wouldn’t have slept 🤪 The water that I couldn’t pump out was what went into the shower tray (on my boat) before I managed to get in the shower because the pump didn’t want to work, so I pissed about for 2 hours trying to figure it out, which is now working and luckily I’ve had a “boat shower” now. I hope that helps to clear up the confusion 😃
  24. No I didn’t have a shower when I picked the boat up yesterday, I had one at home before I left the house 🤗
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