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  1. Well another day of mixed information from EA One source says assessment of gearbox fault expected by close of business tomorrow One source says gearbox returned today assessment will take 72 hours. Whichever is correct no repair this side of weekend. Willy Watt/ Blackthorn Marina filling up with several boats that are trapped downstream.
  2. Hi, Lowering the gate was accompanied by loads of sqealing from what sounded like a siezed guide wheel. When raising the gate it stopped at the initial timer position but when time delay completed and green indication given would not raise any further even though lock was empty. Lowering the gate again and re-lifting to delay position and waiting for green indicator then allowed gate to be fully raised. I'd guess caused by excess resistance.
  3. From our experience at Islip yesterday my money would be on that becoming another stoppage. I've given EA my observations to help them address. The River Nene is a great river and EA do so much good work but let themselves down by lack of application in some regions. Toilet cleaning facilities at Wellingborough were broken 6 weeks ago when we came down river but see notice is still in place doh!!
  4. Hi, Thanks for that pointer. I have received an email to advise gearbox returned to Rotork and assessment expected in 2 days!! Just cannot understand why EA can't manually operate for 2 hours each day to keep boats moving? Lack of spares is one thing but lack of solution to a recurring problem is a serious management failure - there is a solution EA go for it and get us moving PLEASE
  5. I'm down river from Irthlingborough and tried contacting EA this morning as advised in the closure notice but can't get an answer to phone call or the email given to me by Customer Services. As EA monitor this forum PLEASE can they give an update on the situation as this helps those affected by unexpected breakdowns to plan how to survive around the chaos. EA Customer services are there to advise us and help us. The posts on Wadenhoe show that EA haven't grasped the impact and how to improve their reputation. Is it too much to ask for just one call back each day? Seems to me a couple of electric winches and a generator in a truck ready to deploy could solve any problems.
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