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  1. Glad it has been found. Although I am now fixated with spotting all boats that go past - Up and down like a yo-yo. I am sure this phase will eventually fade.
  2. Hope this boat is found soon. All this jumping up and down every time a boat goes past is very tiring! And as I have cleverly painted all my portholes there isn't much clear glass for peering through either. Especially at 5am in the morning when the hatches are most definitely not open. I can confirm that the boat has not been seen between Braunston and Buckby top lock this morning. Met loads of boats in the tunnel and I scrutinised them all for the one porthole so it didn't get by me in there. However since being here it could have come down from Crick and gone to Braunston without me knowing anything about it. Hey ho.
  3. If he is a 'local' boy he might not want to stray too far from somewhere he is familiar with in case he does have to do a runner. If his friends are 'local to the midlands' another reason to stay nearby. Especially if he unloading the contents onto his mate's boat.
  4. I collected my boat from Wigrams Turn Marina today and gave them a couple of my flyers. Which they had at least got on their desk for when anyone calls in to reception. I asked if they knew about the stolen boat and they said they had had an email. They did not appear to have paid much attention to the email though. I might be maligning them but I didn't get the impression that they had gone around to see if it was hiding in there either. I didn't walk around the whole marina myself but glanced at all the boats in my line of sight whilst walking to my boat and when I was leaving the marina and I am pretty sure it isn't hiding in there. I am looking at boats with a cruiser stern and window configuration rather than colour. So today I have done Napton Junction to bridge 103. All clear so far but I think this area is a bit popular.
  5. I have printed off some flyers and when I return to my boat on Monday I will put them in my windows either side and keep an eye out as I boat towards London. Covering Napton Braunston and the grand onion. Of course it might already have been found by then. Just a thought for future proofing a boat against theft. How easy is it to engrave all the windows with the boats name and or index number? Easy to repaint a boat quickly and badly but bit expensive to re glaze it?
  6. Thanks for that. It will be end of Feb beginning of March aiming to be at Cromwell Lock for around 10th March. Have been informed no lockkeepers until 15th March so off to coerce some more crew members!
  7. Hi I am planning on travelling towards the 'North' via Lincoln. Setting off from Barton Turns Marina on Friday. Any advice on the best places to moor in between dashes on the River sections on the Trent that are unlikely to be affected by rising river levels. Thanks Kath alias 'scaredy Bobcat'
  8. My last cat was silent as a youngster with no me ow even though she would open her mouth to do so. This was a problem when she was locked in someone's shed! The vet said if she doesn't me ow by the time she is 6 months she probably never will. However she did find out where her me ow was at around 2 years old and became very chatty and you could have long meaningful conversations with her.
  9. Hi I have the Natures Head model but the website doesn't give me the litre size for the solids. It is a basically a box around 15" square (approx) so not huge. A beer container would be more than enough (you've have got to lift it out at some point after all) and if you had two one would compost fully while the other is being used. Size as they say isn't everything!!! http://www.blissbedding.com/ I can confirm a funnel works fine (my after purchase amendment to the Natures Head!)
  10. Hi Doodlebug toilet paper is fine but will fill it up quicker so consider putting pee paper into a separate bin lined with the inside of cereal packet (waxy and giving it a reuse element) which you can then burn on solid fuel fire or throw in rubbish. Solids container is not huge but is fine in the ready made unit I empty it every six weeks or so into secondary container for further composting. DIY would probably use one of those beer making buckets. In the ready made unit the pee bottle takes one woman 3 days to fill so again would need a larger container for transferring into if more than 1 person using. I have found a large 20 litre diesel fuel container lasts a week for taking around to the elsan. No need for thermometer. I don't use the electric fan on the unit but do have a solar vent on roof to draw the air through and that is enough. If DIY don't bother turning it in my opinion just layer it. Rather than sawdust use horse bedding such as Aubiose or BLISS (other hemp/rape seed/straw) to soak up liquid. Bliss bales in the summer months come with citronella oil in to keep flies out of the stables can't remember what the winter bales are infused with lavender I think. A bale lasts me around 2/3 years (I originally used it as cat litter but the cat died last year so could last me longer now). I don't use much of it just a layer at the bottom of the solids container - I tend to use compost from the recycling place to mix with the solids on a daily basis. Having seen link to the Little house I wish I had found it when building my boat as I would definitely gone the DIY route. I love my unit but it is a little annoying at times and I think simpler is better. enjoy your refit.
  11. RWLP re 7 hour trip from Lapworth. I moored at the top of the flight overnight no problem and then intended to moor at Cadbury World but when I got there I found there was a burnt out boat at one end and the space at the other end was not long enough so my bows would have been well beyond the gates. In view of the burnt out boat I felt that this was not a good idea so had to carry on. So sorry if I have offended anyone who feels I should have risked it.
  12. I finally girded my loins and 'did' Birmingham this summer. Tiring 7 hour stretch from top of 19 lapworth flight as no where to stop safely until I got to gas street. Entertaining evening there as people wanted their photographs taken with the boat and wanted to know how much to hire it. (I pointed them in the right direction) culminating with someone either banging very loudly at 10pm against the side of my boat intentionally or they fell in! The towpath made a convenient v gap between boat and edge. Next day I continued to Wolverhampton flight where I was involved in a mild way with the lads that had been terrorising the flight. Advice I would give as a solo boater is do not leave the boat open at all if you plan to set locks ahead as these lads liked to put your boat in gear and run away. I appreciate that if you have a cruiser or semi trad stern it might not be possible to lock away your control lever like I can on a trad. But if you can stop them interfering with it then do so. Or get a friend to join you. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and I would have liked to stay longer but I was on a mission. I will go back someday.
  13. I am currently mustering crew for various bits of river section so they can do the mad scramble up various walls for mooring. I didn't enjoy mooring solo going upstream at the very high wall at Newark nor the mad dash to get bow rope on dodgy private very rickety pontoon at Fiskerton. The very short visitor section was full of plastic boats which probably wouldn't have appreciated me mooring alongside. I was meeting someone there and time was of the essence! I am presuming downstream might be a bit easier in that you already have back rope in hand for quick mooring of upstream end of boat. I am however 3 years older ... Naughty Cal I may call upon you as outrider if you are still in the area when I get there. Planning on attempting West Stockwith and Keadby entrances. Just for the practice you understand.
  14. I am also tackling the tidal Trent on my way anticlockwise North via lincoln/boston/sheffield/leeds/skipton/wigan etc. When are you planning on doing the Trent? I've done it upstream solo but panicking about doing it downstream especially if it don't stop raining!!! May have to go plan b if the rains still a gonna fall.
  15. Looked like a fabulous day all round. Congratulations. Kath
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