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  1. Lights installed, lined out and floor down. Good progress in one week.
  2. Popped into Colecraft just before Christmas to inspect the sprayfoam - all satisfactory. In the few working days since then, they have managed to get the wiring in and make a good start on the lining.
  3. Thanks. I have a carpenters' depth gauge I will take that along
  4. Primed and battened ready for spray foam tomorrow. We are going to inspect the foam on Tuesday and to meet the painter. What should I be looking for on the sprayfoam? foam
  5. We have looked at diesel stoves, but my wife likes a cosy real fire and anyway we have Erbspracher diesel central heating
  6. We are going to go in and check the sprayfoam coverage, although this is subcontracted and I am sure Gary would not tolerate any substandard work. The inside and outside of the steelwork is blasted and coated with Interseal 670S. Blacking and paintwork is International Perfection Pro epoxy. So we are not skimping on protecting the steelwork.
  7. I'm a soap man myself. Shampoo is necessary though. I'll have to check what's in all these conditioners and other concoctions my daughter uses gallons of
  8. Yes we did look at Aqualine but there was no flexibility of layout and one marina owner told us that a woodworker based at his marina, made most of his living correcting the woodwork on Aqualines, that is pre-cut on CNC machinery and not made to fit the individual boat, so after they are launched, the woodwork doesnt fit anymore. Another told us that he had 2 Aqualine widebeams launched there and both had leaks in the same place and had to be craned out and welded up. He didn't get paid for this work and when a 3rd boat Aqualine leaked in the same place he refused to do the work. Both these stories from people with no axe to grind, as we were just looking for moorings. So these stories (true or not) and the lack of layout fliexibility combined with Poland being a long way away. Both of these guys were complimentary about Aintree and Colecraft.
  9. Yes they were going to put at the front on the LHS
  10. We are probably going to go for IKEA Poang chairs as we have a couple in our beach hut and find them very comfortable, but we have also been looking at the narrowboat range at the Sofabed Barn, after seeing them on the "Floating Our Boat" YouTube channel.
  11. We thought £4K was a bit OTT tbh! My brother in law is a boatbuilder and very skilled woodworker and can build us a hearth and we are getting a quote from a local professional installer for the stove install next year. On the condensation issue. With the Channel Glaze double glazed, thermal break windows we have been promised (unsolicited) there will be no condensation so we will see. If we can decide where the stove will go, we can get the builder to make the hole in the roof during the build.
  12. Stove was on the original drawing, but we have deleted it for now, as there is no availability this side of Easter and we thought the cost quoted was excessive (see my other thread), so we may well get one installed next summer.
  13. We have agreed the galley layout and Daydream Believer is due to be spray foamed today and should be lined-out before Christmas. Still undecided what to do with the remaining area of the saloon once the L shaped dinette is installed. They are going to tape the outlines on the floor for us, so we can try and visualize the space. We are hoping to get a couple of armchairs or a small sofa in, but its going to be cosy! We can't wait for our next visit which will be early in the New Year to meet with the chippies, painter and upholsterer
  14. As the sink and shower drains straight to the canal, are there any recommended products that will bio degrade and not damage the wildlife and plants in the canal/river?
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