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  1. Exactly ! Once again thanks to you all. All the information has been fab. I think what we will do is get to the boat, write down the 3 options, close my eyes and stick a pin in the paper and see which one it lands on ! ? Either way we intend to enjoy it. ?
  2. Is option 2 a nice run ? Looking on a map it looks to be more of a relaxing run ? I think option 3 is the best looking but my wife is a bit freaked out by the horror storys she has read about Typley locks. Are these hard locks to do with the side currents mentioned in other posts ? Once again a big thank you to everyone who has commented on this topic. When we actualy do the trip and get back i shall let you all know how we got on.
  3. Didn't think about going North. Whats the difference between the routes ? We would like to be in the countryside as much as possible so would North be better for this ? Also where would you suggest as a destination / turn around point for a weeks journey from Brewood ? I'm loving all the replys and advice. Thanks everyone.
  4. Thanks for the advice . We are going to follow your suggestion Grassman and not put pressure on ourselves to reach a final destination. Really looking forward to it now.
  5. Hi All. My wife and i are hiring a boat for the first time ever so complete beginners. We pick the boat up at Brewood Saturday mid-afternoon so think it will be 4 or 5pm ish before we actualy set off. We have it for a week and it has to be returned by 9am the following Saturday. One of the suggested routes is to Stourport and back. Would this be ok to do for us ? Also where would the night time stops best be taken ? Cant seem to work out a sensible itinerary for the trip. Any help, advice etc would be most appreciated.
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