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  1. Thanks David, it all makes sense when simply stated……appreciated
  2. I have tested out the battery bank and all is fine. Water supply is plastic and filter is clear. I do not have a calorifier, just a morco water heater. Voltage drops around .5 volts after 30 secs, pump is hot at this point and cuts out. I havent measured the drawn current as a I believed the hot pump was a clear indicator of being faulty, swollen diaphragms/seals I suspect? I’ve just done a little research and it seems if I want higher shower pressure then I need more hot water which means I need a larger capacity water heater……….does that sound about right? I’m thinking buy the 45psi pump and adjust pressure to suit current system then purchase a larger heater when funds allow and readjust pressure to suit. Does that sound about right or am I thinking too simply?
  3. Thank you, any chance you could post a link or give a serial number of the adjustable square d pressure switch? There are lots of them!!
  4. Hi all, my potable water pump has given up the ghost or at least I think it is about to! Sounding very noisy though the noise has gradually increased over last 6 months so wasn’t really noticed. Pulling the battery voltage down after 10 seconds running and cuts out after about 30 seconds. It is a shurflo 20psi model. I am happy to replace with similar/same as the price suits me down to the ground but my question is can I go for a higher pressure pump without doing damage to water heater and would the higher pressure be of any actual benefit? I have a Morco D-51b which has been fine up to now but I am about to spend my first winter as a live aboard and Would like a boost to shower pressure as long as it comes with enough hot water to make the pressure boost enjoyable. Thanks in advance for any and all advice and opinions Paul
  5. Thanks guys, I had found that guidance which is informative but doesn’t state flue exit regs……..I’m surprised there aren’t any but happy to go with common sense. Another little question, any preferred suppliers for stove flues?
  6. Hi all, I would like to move the stove on my nb as part of a refurb but unsure on the flue regs regarding exit points in relation to opening windows and lagging. Can anyone point me to them please? Cheers
  7. Bit confused there......would only use generator if no 240v shoreline. I imagine if there is no shoreline then the noise of generators would be common and acccepted?
  8. Thank you, relevant maps have now been ordered
  9. ? I do have a decent generator so 240v feed is not essential however I do still work so security is an issue while I am working
  10. Boat is 40ft. I would prefer a 240v hook up at least for a few months while I get the refurb finished. Droitwich spa is full as are most of the others I have emailed from a google “marina” search in the area. Do any of above have shoreline?
  11. I have a mooring lined up at stourport though not confirmed yet, Alvechurch also has available moorings but is expensive at £360 a month Tbh I was going to post the moorings question in a different post.........do you have any suggestions?
  12. Thanks Ian, I have got both of them but would like something a bit more detailed. Don’t mind paying as long as I know I am buying what I do actually need
  13. Hi all, so I’ve bought a dilapidated 40ft NB. Done it up a little inside to make it liveable and sorted the engine (I hope) Now I’m moving job from the North west to Redditch area and bringing the boat to live on 3/4 nights a week whilst at work. Only problem Is, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing as far as getting there is concerned!! First question I guess is how do I navigate? Get an app, download maps, get a satnav.....what’s the best way? Any other things I should be taking into account please shout out.........all contributions, advice and thoughts greatly appreciated.
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