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  1. Hi, The Henry THEOBALD mentioned above appears to be my great great grandfather. My great gran Ellen THEOBALD was his first daughter with (I think his second wife) Eleanor (Ellen) Lydia KEANE - Henry was indeed sent to 10 years hard labour for "cattle killing" - happy to discuss this line and share any info I have if it is of any interest to anyone ? it's something I'm actively looking in to so if anyone else can shed any light on this family line I would love to hear.
  2. Hi all - hope this is allowed. I've been looking into my family tree and come from a huge line of boating families dating back a few hundred years. My nana was Lily BOULD (b. May 1933 d. Dec 2013) daughter of Ellen THEOBALD (b. 1897 d. 1972) and Charles BOULD and was 1 of 7 children. I havent been able to find much at all down the BOULD side of the tree yet but the Theobalds seemingly go back for a few hundred years. My great gran Ellen THEOBALD was the daughter of Henry THEOBALD (b. April 1857 d. Apr 1943) and Eleanor (Ellen) Lydia KEANE and was 1 of 4 with Eleanor (his first wife) 2 children with his second wife (Ellen BAILEY) and another 4 children with his third wife (Sarah Jane BAILEY). Henry was the son of Thomas THEOBALD (b.1823 d. Jan 1906) and Ellen CHAPMAN and was 1 of 8 children. Thomas was also married twice, his second wife being Sarah WOODBINE and he was also committed to Mickleover County Asylum around the turn of the century due to "melancholy" and actually died in there. The tree goes on but it may be too much to put on here! They were all based around the Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire area. I have managed to find some lovely photos through family albums, through connecting with other people and internet searches and was just wondering if there is anyone else on here from the same line or one of the branches? I would love to connect to any others out there and maybe share any stories and photos we may have? The family were so secretive, and I know there is both good and bad in the family history, but there are also so many mysteries and questions! Also, if anyone has any info on this family or other tips on where to go hunting it would be hugely appreciated ? Many thanks Anna
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