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  1. yes i know, we are not paying the parts but the availability of 30 years......luckily the first owner left some parts on the boat like set of gaskets, fuel pipes and 8 of the diaphragm but over the years in seawater they get brittle. A fuelpump i found via ebay at the manufacturer in italy some years ago, an started are availabf from third parties if necessary but genuie Sabb parts are like gold. In norway they cost the same.... But i aam sure that the rubber will be used in some other engine too and Sabb is not the manufacturer. In my parts i found a third party diaphragm made by KACO, but they are not producing it anymore. But i like the engine, a little weak for my 16 ton boat when it gets windy but for the moment i will keep the sabb. At 40 knots wind i make 2 knots in the wind.....
  2. thks , send email rightaway.
  3. Hi from Italy. I am using a sabb 2j in my aluminium sailboat and its running like a watch.......4000 hrs. So far i only change oil and take good diesel and had only two problems in the past. The waterpump valves broken and the governor get stuck by a simple spring..... Thinking about checking valves and injector but normally i never touch a running system......no smoke and running 200 hrs a year. Time to time i need the water pump diaphragm and now no spares are left. I only know Sleeman but they charge 40 pound for one 70mm rubber diaphragm !!! Are there any reasonible part supplier available ? He is getting a little oily but i call it corrosion protection and i am sweating myself when i am running.... Thanks a lot in advance Carsten
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