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  1. Yes I meant ABOVE Teddington, sorry for causing any confusion in the topic title, thanks Athy for amending. Thanks for all your replies, really good to know. Great forum this, first time I’ve used it, what a great community.
  2. Thanks Dave very much for quick reply. Sorry if I wasn’t clear, yes I’m aware we won’t be able to moor before Teddington. What I meant was, by time we’re past Teddington and so able to moor on non tidal section how easy will it be to quickly find a mooring in failing light. But from your answer it seems it should not be too much of a problem (no problem if we need to pay).
  3. Please advise, fellow boaters to us as relative novices!.... We purchased our NB a week ago on the Grand Union in Northamptonshire (so looking forward to spending time on it with our kids / grandchildren) and making steady progress towards our home on the River Wey. We have booked passage to Thames in main Brentford Lock 101 at around 5.30pm this Wed headed upstream towards Shepperton. But though we’ve had several weeks previously on Thames on hire boats (where we got the river / canal bug) we’ve never been this far downstream on it. My worry is, leaving Brentford as late as 5.30pm so getting through Teddington maybe 8pm and having to moor fairly soon due to light, will we be able to quickly find any mooring on this very busy stretch of river before dark, are mooring spots very limited? Maybe I’m worrying too much but any advice appreciated please.
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