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  1. I’ve had some reassuring conversations that indicate you’re right! I’ll send back the charger😁💸 I kept finding advice on needing a smart charger but it appears that I don’t😁 thanks for taking the time to reply
  2. Can anyone help? I’m changing my batteries to AGM and need to install a DC/DC charger (CTEK D 250SE, which I have). I’m not sure if my battery is even using a battery charger at the moment. is that possible? I’ve tried to install it but I’m not confident enough to be sure it’s done correctly so I was wondering if any boaters on here have experience with installing this charger? Or if anybody has a number for a boat electrician who can help that wouldn’t break the bank (London, W10 area).
  3. It’s my first time changing over batteries so I wasn’t even aware you could adjust the charger! All the information is overwhelming, I’ll look into all of that, thank you:)
  4. Hi there! My sealed lead acid batteries are nearly six years old and unfortunately they won’t hold their charge so Ive done a lot of research and just bought two AGM deep cycle 150aH batteries to replace my current two 200aH lead acid. My battery charger is a fairstone ABC1230 Fully Automatic 5 Stage and I’m pretty confident they’re compatible. My last fear is that I haven’t changed my starter as it’s still in good health but it is lead acid. Will having two battery types negatively effect the health of my batteries?
  5. Hi Richard, thanks for the advice! Sounds great I’ll have a look.
  6. Great thank you for that! I will use the last of their life to do lots of research before investing in new ones:)
  7. I can’t find any buttons on my gear but I’m sure I’ll find out how to adjust it with some investigatory research! They were at the top of my list because of space saving so thank you so much for the tip off!!!
  8. They were at the top of my list because of space saving so thank you so much for the tip off!!!
  9. Great idea thank you! Do you know how long solar panels last as well?
  10. That puts my mind at rest a bit! I’ve tried searching everywhere for how long batteries should last and the results are really varied some saying 10 years!
  11. Both of the batteries are fully encased so can’t get to them without taking them out of the box I think. yes that does sound a bit above my knowledge, I’ll have to rummage the internet to try and understand the system better! It sounds like I’ve also been undercharging severely if 3-4 hours is advised… with the rpm, that’s the rpm of my engine, I’m not sure how to change it without coming out of neutral, is that something I can do directly on the engine? thanks again for your help
  12. Thank you so much for this help it’s extremely helpful! I’ll take a look at that link and definitely invest in a better reader… and it sounds like some new batteries as well😂 right now the voltage is 12.58
  13. Hi! Thanks for your response:) I charge between half an hour and two hours at 2800 rpm. I’m not sure what you mean by end of the batteries blowing out, is that a physical change? I haven’t touched the physical battery I don’t think I know enough to move anything 😂 I’m getting tired of being scared of it though so I’m ready to learn as much as I can! I’ve experimented with different charging times and it hasn’t seemed to make a difference. I’ve only let the battery drop below 12v twice in the year I’ve been on it according to the solar reader so I hope it’s not persistent undercharging! it sounds like “sulphated batteries” how do I trouble shoot that? thank you again for your help
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