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  1. Contradicted yourself within an hour.
  2. Dead handsome chap!! Has he got your eyes?
  3. My Post #7 I've waited a few days for those rushing to quaff umbrage by the bucket load to have their fill. I have reread the thread in its totality several times. I am saddened that the OP (and others) are so offended by my response. However I am neither hurt nor offended by responses I attracted. I spent nearly half an hour before posting it. This was to ensure I was confident with the point I was making and that none of my post contained w*o*r*d*s* that needed to be disguised to hide obscenities, were libellous nor thinly disguised personal insults. Yes my opening comment was abrupt and reflected how I felt about OP's duplicitous/misguided comment (albeit my interpretation). Should you post your opinions and views in a public forum you'll quickly learn it draws others'. This business of being offended is a strange and modern affliction. It has nothing to do with the despatcher only the receiver. Being offended is a choice. ... Having hurt feelings or being offended is a choice. Allowing another person to hurt your feelings or allowing someone to offend you is nothing short of self-imposed mental cruelty (Chicago Tribune 7 May 2018) I have read OP has expressed an opinion of being harassed or being the recipient of some sort of witch hunt. That must be a terrible place to be. I find it difficult to believe that is the case, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy urges to understand fully what they themselves do/say prior to an action that leads them to feel so. In other words ask yourself "What am I bringing to the party that contributes to the outcome?", and "How regularly this happens in my life?". That's not good. For my part I rarely look at the contributor I'm more interested in the content. I don't know the Forum ID of this person other than "Guest" Nor am I aware if I have ever joined in any other communication with them. Coming to the conclusion that you're the victim of such activity I suggest is more the result of one's misdirected self opinion than anything. Unless your name is Boris or you're the latest air head reality celebrity none us is the centre of everybody else's universe to that degree. However if after objective scrutiny there is evidence that is the case then yes, something is horribly wrong. Try this entertaining video, I like this guy and his view is often as simplistic as anything needs to be to hit the nail ...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceS_jkKjIgo
  4. What splendid beasties! Why don't you keep them and breed from them? I'd be interested in one of their calves.
  5. Must be a proper bummer, your idyll being ruined by someone using the cut for what it was built for. You suggest your lovely quiet basin isn't an official winding hole. If that's the case you can put up a NIMBY sign. You say "the principle of canal freight seems like a fairly decent thing to support if it is a feasible option" I disagree. I think it's an essential thing to encourage. Apart from something interesting to look at, the least you'd end up with would be a deeper canal. Surely the feasibility of the idea is down to the contract writers and negotiators. If there are no suitable boats/Haulage Companies etc. then it should never get to the point of being even considered.
  6. I think his figures are passable, maybe even on the conservative side as it gives no allowance for motive power upkeep nor requisite licences and insurances as required for all craft afloat. On the other side your suggestions regarding a Boat sitting on a Trestle in a Warehouse equalling minimum expenditure. I couldn't possibly agree with. Such a craft would likely never float again. "Friendship" for example had no alternative, and even if they hadn't cut a door in the side of the hull she would have needed a "Raymond" level of disaster to save a shadow of it. A wooden boat would deteriorate out in the air even quicker if only because, as they discovered with Cutty Sark if a boat isn't supported the same way water supports it it'll quickly distort and sag out of shape. Then the wood shrinks leaving gaps between. If motorised then the motor and prop shaft end up out of true. Elm bottoms turn to powder. The best way to preserve an old boat is use it. Second best is to maintain it while it floats Third is leave it sunk, wooden hulls rot 'twixt wind and water.
  7. Of course she should, as should each and everyone one of us. We are all somewhere on The Autistic Spectrum, to one degree or another. Plus most of us tend to avoid change. For me, the only point worth questioning is the individual's conscience regarding depriving a person or family of social housing by blocking or buying up a Council House. If you've got the money to more or less buy any home anywhere, should you ignore your input into the prolonged failure that was Right to Buy or just stay renting, either way that's another one less. I understand that Multi Millionaire Levi Roots is another one who bought up his family's council house in Brixton where I am sure they are awash with vacant Social Housing.
  8. I shan't go out of my way to. I think not listening to it is the secret.
  9. So I guess this new programme will be ... Technically inaccurate. Historically mixed up. Will show places that they passed earlier after they've been seen further along going the same way. Show historically grainy film cuts of what it was like a hundred years ago, except the subject matter is a different navigation, catering for different boats and hundreds of miles away. And most predictably. there will be no mention of Narrow Boats or Short Boats, just barges and Barges and even more bargees and their barge. What did I miss out?
  10. Getting back off topic .... It's not "for donkey's years". The expression is "Donkeys' ears". As long as donkeys' ears to be precise.
  11. Seen today on https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uk Now after all this investment, wouldn't you have thought they'd have at least made as much song and dance about it as they did towpath lanes for ducks?
  12. These TV & film types never get it right, do they. "There's a lot of interest in canals and boating, so we'll include it all in our story line, the viewers will like that!" So we end up watching a story based in the sixties, claiming The Oxford canal has wide locks. We then see an old boy living on a boat which has a distinctly non 60s design to it, enforced by having a Registration Plate on the side about 15 years before they were thought of. Next we hear that this old chap was logged going through Braunston the next day, good going that. At the end we learn he was found dead on board at Gas St the following day!!!! Best of all when Plod go to visit this boat at Gas Street it's tied up in the deepest countryside surrounded by fields. Perhaps they just shouldn't bother.
  13. Wind creating waves that get under the counter can make a unique sound as they slap up against the uxter plate.
  14. Could you wrap my 35ft steel cruiser style with a 1:1 vinyl picture of a townclass Big Woolwich loaded with 30 tons of Cobbles. Oh and a National Twin and an old geezer on the back slouching down by the cabin chimbly?
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