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  1. I thought that was George as well!
  2. I'd recommend fitting out in water rather than on hard standing, especially if ballast, engine and drive train are not already installed. A hull doesn't always sit exactly the same way in the water as out of it. I know land fitted engine/gearbox/reduction/prop shafts that were perfectly aligned on land but ended up wearing out bearings within a short time once under way. I had a boat years back that jammed every door the moment it was on dock. It only needs to flex a fraction.
  3. Do they both go click when the key is turned? If not the one that doesn't is not in the loop.
  4. The elephant in the room when it comes to Gov.UK's Marine 2050 Plan is in the underlined word above. It can't be sustained. When I worked in industry if were to put any proposal before a board with such a woolly, unmeasurable objective I'd have been ordered out of the room immediately, my esteem in tatters. Likewise any board or executive would be delighted to accept any objective using the word "expect" as they may ignore it and not fail. "Well you expected and we did our best" In many languages the words "Wait" "Hope" and "Expect" are the same word. In fact in English they are often interchangeable. The dictionary says - Anticipate, hope for, look forward to, presume, suppose. None of these verbs are what they call Action Verbs, they are suggestions only, or at best what is likely to be preferred. (Definition of an Action Verb - Action verbs, also called dynamic verbs, express an action whether it be physical or mental. An action verb explains what the subject of the sentence is doing , has done, or must do. Expect, Hope and Wait are not dynamic, can not be demonstrated nor observed.) So, when it doesn't happen, the explanation will be. "Although we signed up to this 5, 15 or 30 years ago, we always knew new technology and immense capital investment would be required. Sadly it was not forthcoming, however progress in different areas have assisted us to reduce blah blah blah anyway." None of what I am saying reflects my personal preferences regarding Gov.UK's Marine 2050 Plan. However I fully expect, hope and wait for your assurance that I do eagerly await the opportunity to discard my 50 year old boat because of its treacherous diesel engine.
  5. And then there's how the big boys do it .......
  6. I thought that was very smoothly done, and certainly what I'd have expected from Jem Bates. I've witnessed a few side slips over the years and some have been much hairier than that went. He's got a clever set up there, giving utmost control over the slip. What did worry me a bit was the positioning of the tirfor winches on top of the beams. A moments inattention at the moment that the angle of dangle tips could see the operator joining the group on the towpath.
  7. Harden. Has he still got Dorset?
  8. Blimey, fridges on boats!? Is that what people are doing now? And there was me thinking I was at the leading edge of technology when I bought an Osokool off eBay for about £50. No Gas, no electrickery, no power needed (just half a pint of water).
  9. They're merely seeking out high profile activities with a feel good factor that can be easily sourced out and grabbed by the media, while appearing to be doing warm fuzzy stuff. Scoring smarty points while ignoring the prime business objective (make no mistake it is a business!) always smacks of diversionary tactics by a weak or ineffective executive team.
  10. Strewth! That's an interesting business model. I imagine the Business Plan opened with the objective to : - Supply a floating hotel service for vegans wanting to be sang at by opera.
  11. Load of tosh. When I spoke to C&RT I was told that there was an employment embargo in place at the time and the tunnel team were supplied via an agency. Therefore they are not employees of C&RT, can not be sacked or made redundant by them. It seems regardless whether it is Brexit, Covid 19 or HS2 the media and those that report it are pointless.
  12. Now, there's the sentence I can't get passed. If that's really what you did, are you so puzzled why you have an engine displaying terminal symptoms? A comparison could be. My horse broke its leg. I only rode it 5 minutes to get home.
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