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  1. Hi Cathy, I would say it will very much depend on the time of day you intend to travel. Advice would be to get up early and beat the crowds. It's true there are no locks etc, however the stretch in question was very full of inexperienced boaters when we went back in June. Canal plan is bringing back a time of 5 hours 16 mins from Lion Quays to the basin. I would add on 2 hours at least in August. We went in June and that stretch was very busy so should imagine now the kids are off it will be busier. Things we encountered along that stretch: 1. A couple moored up on the pins before the Chirk aqueduct having coffee and croissants causing a huge traffic jam as no one could pull in etc to let others pass - they were completely oblivious and when we spoke to them about it possibly not being the best place for breakfast they said they'd been there all night and there were pins so why couldn't they stay there and couldn't understand why there was a massive queue of boats... 2. A group of ladies on a hire boat with one lady operating the tiller and the other on the throttle... made fore very interesting watching! Zigzag boating at it's best (or worst). 3. Above ladies stuck sideways across the canal. 4. Numerous crashes under bridges and various Mexican stand offs as to which boat was going to reverse first. 5. A man swearing profusely at the lift bridge because he couldn't 'find the f***ing button' to lift it... ....Possibly add 3 hours in August 😂
  2. Not a stoppage as such - but will cause you to stop non the less! The ground paddles on lock 61 on the Leeds Liverpool (just after or before Johnson Hillock Locks depending on your direction of travel) have been left open so subsequently the pound between lock 61 and 60 is completely empty. Was walking the dogs so no windlass to sort it, also very stiff so wouldn’t go down without. Reported it to the CRT at 9.20 so hopefully it’ll be sorted soon.
  3. I think there was only one owned boat on the Monty when we went down. However speaking to other hire boaters most had been hiring for some time or ex owners. We also saw the hotel boat and its butty which was amazing to see it manoeuvring etc! We loved it as you could take it nice and slowwwwww😊
  4. We absolutely loved the Llangollen section from chirk up to Llangollen and adored the town itself. We also went down the Monty which was amazingly beautiful and peaceful. The Shropshire union was a bit sketchy at times! Other hire boaters might have been better on lake Windermere 🤔🤔. We were pulled out of our mooring pins a few times!!
  5. Ahhhh what luck! We got back last week!
  6. Just wanted to jump in on this as the OP!!! After a discussion with our fantastic boat builder they have informed us of the people who will be doing all the RCR work and issuing the BSS. So no self certification! The gentlemen who are doing the RCR work are members of these professional organisations: YDSA, SCMS, RINA, BMF, RYA, Mecal and Mersey Maritime. On lots of digging have been found on said websites, where applicable. The gentleman doing the BSS is also boat gas safe and has also been found on the relevant websites and all checks out. Annnnnnd they are all also members of this forum!! Again more than happy with our boat builder choice - but thanks to @Tony Brooks and @Alan de Enfield for assisting.
  7. We went through in April and they were in a bad state then. Thankfully a lovely guy from the CRT helped us both ways, Just past Bank Newton near to the TV mast on the 'weendy windys' as we call it is our favourite!!
  8. I am 90% positive I have watched this on a NB YouTube in recent months and it's like an abandoned property with all his possessions still there. Very sad.
  9. Absolutely. Thank you for the time you’ve taken to advise us. Forewarned is forearmed as they say.
  10. THANK YOU everyone for the input. Have done some reading up and on doing so found some other bits and pieces that are needed too. Remember life is very short - kindness and politeness cost nothing. Have lovely Monday's everyone. Keep calm and boat on. ?
  11. Tony could you help me in understanding what I need to ensure to be RCR compliant? If you wouldn't mind and have the time?
  12. We are really lucky as we are only 35/40 mins from them and have already been a few times and seen other builds at various different stages - including one that was pretty much finished this weekend. They have been totally honest and transparent about the cost of materials, steel etc and the availability. Also very lucky that my husband is really knowledgeable in pretty much all aspects of building - albeit houses but plumbing, woodwork, electrics etc are pretty universal and he's had a very good poke about the different boats and is more than happy. I've spoken to quite a few owners - in fact one of them is a member on here and they cannot fault them. Any issues (which have been few and far between) have been rectified no bother. Totally agree re the surveyors - have recently been talking to a lady who bought a second hand boat from a broker last year, survey came back tickityboo and this year it has had to be dry docked and the hull is completely corroded and the whole thing needs replating. She's so angry as, like all boaters, hardly did any cruising last year so clearly the survey was a bish bash bosh job to get the boat sold for the broker.
  13. They get the shells from Aquarius Boats and yes they fit them out. They did get them from Aintree but have sourced a different supplier.
  14. Sorry, yes I know this. I’d read you giving some advice to another boater about the zero emission propulsion and all the dates.
  15. @Alan de Enfield thanks for advice re future proofing of the engine - we are going for a beta marine engine that can be easily converted into a hybrid/electric.
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