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  1. Perhaps she was the "entertainment" 🤣
  2. Oh good god! I dread to think how you know! Last time we went we ended up nearly sharing the locks with another couple, who on the face of it, seemed very adept at boating - that was until we needed to wait for another hire boat to come up before we could start to go down. I said we should do the locks for the other hire boat - we were already out of ours boats primed and ready so seemed daft for the other couple to start faffing. Lady tentatively enters said lock and I open ground panel. The husband of our potential lock partners opens THE LOT! Poor woman gets smashed from one s
  3. May retreat to the haven of the boat if it’s manic then!!
  4. Yes I think that’s the Sunday’s itinerary sorted. I adore horses, especially shires so I’ll be in my element. Boats and horses in one!!!
  5. Ooh that mooring sounds perfect!! Maybe one night there and one night in the basin!
  6. Thank you both re the Llangollen basin. Do you know you can/need to book a mooring in the basin? Definitely want to spend a few nights here as want to explore Llangollen and would love to do the horse drawn trip to the Horse Shoe Falls, also wanted to go on the steam railway but the website states they’ve gone into liquidation which is incredibly sad. Must be another victim of the dreaded c word!
  7. Hello again Wise Ones! Husband and I are off on another hire boat adventure in a few weeks and this time it's the Llangollen canal, picking up the boat from Crest Narrowboats, Chirk. Got the boat for a week. Can anyone recommend a suggested itinerary? We are thinking Chirk to Llangollen, turn then from there to Ellesmere then back to Chirk. Also any good pub recommendations along the way? Thank you all once again, Hannah
  8. But of course! Any boat club without a Commode d'Or is just cr*p! 🤣😉 Very good point!! 🤣
  9. This has just made me giggle! I hope we aren't faced with an interview panel similar otherwise I'll be in a fit of laughter! Very 'what what what, chocs away old boy!'
  10. As in don't bother with the boat club? It's literally perfect for us - 30 mins from home and at the start of our favourite stretch of canal and there are panoramic views of the most wonderful countryside. I think I'd stand a Spanish inquisition to be honest! 😆
  11. I will send you a copy of it when we get one! I believe it will as I read an article on new boat purchasing and I've written in my notes 'BMF contract is needed as this will release various parts of the boat to the owner along the build'.
  12. Thank you so much for this. Am I right in thinking that the stage ownership will be covered under the British Marine Federation Contract?
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