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  1. Having seen the pinprick entry hole and the 3ft exit hole in an aircraft yes I think I am better informed.
  2. You seem to be right the point has been lost, though you, haven't found it. I am not required to pay taxes on my income earned out of country, but I do pay taxes on income I have in the UK. As my UK address is still at my old house with my daughter I am not required to pay council tax individually. The same way that half of the adult population is not required to pay C/tax. I am not asking for anything for nothing. I contribute my share and always have done. The Richards of this world are poking their noses in to other peoples business making out that they themselves are squeeky clean. Richard is far from clean and if he doesn't want his dirty laundry washed in public he really should keep his head down. By the time licences have increased 147%, fuel has gone up 200%, and we start paying £1000 a year for C/tax, there won't be any CCer's left on the waterways so who are they going to impose a realistic charge on?
  3. There ya go poking ya nose in again. Now some Jobsworth will be seeing this as his life quest. GET A LIFE!
  4. Or walk around naked with a boil on their bum!
  5. Carrie It's a choice like most things in life. The tree huggers can talk there as much as they like to each other. Convert those who want to be converted and leave the rest of us miserable polluters to our mire.
  6. Now you are being a spoilsport. Why should he wake up when he is having a 'rest'
  7. Sorry Maffi i deleted this post by mistake trying to answer it Richard
  8. Outline plans are free as are typographical corrections. If you want the whole shebang that comes at a cost.
  9. You're supposed to be an A level student! BTW How did you do?
  10. It may have escaped your notice, Sam that I am doing just that, also we are allowed to try and influence opinions if we feel that they are ill informed and wrong in conception. PTB's in the main are the reason that CCer's are in the current 'proposed' situation. From day one of my arrival I have always said I was a CCer in the making. My whole focus for the last 3 years has been to achieve that. Whilst you could say I only go boating very occasionally there is not a lot of opportunity for boating here in the middle of the desert, but my time is nigh.
  11. What 'extras'. And unless it has changed the figure is 147% Surely water is paid for in the licence and P/O fees are extra. Next you will be asking that everyone over 18 should pay council tax. If half the adults in the country don't pay council tax why are you picking on CCer's......................again. Your insecurity about how others live their lives (legally) never ceases to amaze me. Yes just as soon as they learn to see past the end of their nose. I suspect that the number of PTB's that actually become CCer's will be quite a small %age. (the ones that already see the front of the boat)
  12. You don't have to get into an argument, Richard. Do the poll against licence number and you end up with a totally unfair result. 1360 CCer's and 26,000 Part time boaters. The poll was designed to get a 95%YES/5%NO result. On the CCAG with all members being CCer's the result would 100% NO, equally unfair.
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