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  1. Brooke, Thanks for the input. Will definitely clarify with them. RogerP.
  2. Jen , Thanks so much for your time and input. I’ll plan accordingly. Your exact about the currency. 😖 Time will tell. Thanks again! Roger P.
  3. That’s a Great idea. Thanks for that! The boat companies I have looked at do a instruction session to familiarize the boat, and I do have some boating experience here in the US through my Fire Dept. job. But sounds like from the rest who have answered I’m ahead of the game due to the fact I don’t drink. No offense to the ones who do. I don’t have any expectations of traveling around and doing all the flights I have heard about and seen. I’m pretty good with gadgets and controls. I’ve been a Firefighter for over 34 years and have certs in boating to include swift water. Anyway thanks so much
  4. None! Don’t drink!
  5. Thanks for the quick response. For the “Hire Boat” I am using, included expenditures are fuel, trash pump outs etc. I will be by myself. But your answers are a Great place to start. 😃 Your Awesome! Roger. P.
  6. Hello All, Planning a trip for the canals next year. That’s depending on this “Covid” BS. As of right now Britain is closed to US travel. Anyway what would be a “round about” figure to plan for in British Pounds to account to spend per day on the cut? I will be there for approx. 8 days. Looking forward to your answers. Thanks ahead of time. Roger P.
  7. Seems a lot have gone to “YT” for their earnings. Someone obviously saw “CHG” and liked it enough to create a full show about it. I’m not knocking him for his cooking ability, just want to jump through the screen and lend a hand with the cooking. 🤣
  8. The show is actually called “Travels by Narrowboat”. The guys “You Tube” name is Country House Gent”. He gives a colorful play by play as he travels the canals. Some good some bad. Recently he has started adding his dinner time cooking prep into the show. He could use a few lessons in that area😂😂. Although some of his stuff looks really good. Not sure when it first aired here in the US, but he has 6 seasons of the show. I’ve seen a few of his videos on You Tube also. His narration is very colorful sometimes, but is simple to understand for someone just starting to watch. He shows the good and
  9. Found “Country House Gent” on Prime Tv here in the USA. Awesome show. I was heartbroken as well watching that episode. You could tell even though he had waited for awhile to tell the story it was still very painful. I’m considering coming over “the pond” and doing a week excursion because of his show. Does give me heed on being Very Aware of my surroundings. I have the privilege of packing 13 friends on my hip for such occasions. Too bad that’s not an option in the UK.
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