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  1. Somewhere between Huddersfield and Whaley Bridge, maybe paying somebody else to take it through the Ashton/Hyde section 😅 I've seen his channel. I seem to remember he worked 2 days a week, but I believe the YouTube game does suck up a lot of time. I need to watch some more, as I thought his was an older boat than that. And I sort have have forgotten the social thing for the last 12 months!
  2. In response to both, I would be avoiding Manchester (something of a guiding principle). My commute threshold would be 50 miles and think I could satisfy this + license requirements moving on a distance every weekend or two, but likely heading back to where I started after 6 months, then reviewing the strategy. I do agree this would be the biggest test of the whole endeavour in a number of ways, social life included.
  3. Hello all, new here. I've been spending some serious time wandering the canals window shopping and looking to do a narrow boat holiday soon. I'm afraid to say I'm another one of "those" looking for a major change after having lots of time to think over the last year. The lifestyle feels like it would be a good fit in a number of ways and I've had people suggest it to me over the years too (maybe it's a certain boaty look?). I've been reading a lot, creating spreadsheets, doing thought experiments etc. The maths is workable, after going over it about 300 times, but more
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