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  1. Well, the exterior paint is now on, and a solar panel. The interior is now being worked on with new galley, flooring, curtains, shower room etc. Hopefully it will be ready to go in 3 weeks time.😁
  2. That's very reassuring about the hull. It's been out of the water, tested for steel thickness, blacked and with new anodes. It has a 1.5 BMC diesel so parts are plentiful, I should think.
  3. I've decided on a name for my new old boat and have been having some fun with designs, too. I have the equipment to print decals or make the stencils which will enable me to spray/paint the design onto the boat. Not sure which option to take?
  4. Deposit paid. My first boat will be ready in about 3-4 weeks. 😃 It's a 1981 Hancock & Lane Norseman, and once the work has been completed, will come complete with a full safety certificate.
  5. No, 40 years old and sanded back and given a *new* coat of primer before repainting.
  6. 1981. It has been taken out of the water and blacked with new anodes. This was all videoed by the chap refurbishing the boat. I haven't personally had a survey done (Yet) Very early stages at the moment.
  7. Walking the towpath locally yesterday I met a chap refurbishing a pretty 45ft boat and got chatting. It will be ready in about a month, it is right on budget and the layout is good for me. Very hopeful. 😊
  8. So, these are the places I'm looking at the moment - Apollo Duck, Great Haywood, Whilton, Rugby Boats, ABNB. I'm not sure about buying privately without some form of security a dealer would give but, like buying a car privately, I suppose a bargain can be found? Are there any other dealers/marinas/websites that can be recommended for my search? Chris.
  9. Haha. My 2 collies would have them first, I think. 😀
  10. I have to admit, I do prefer the look of portholes, but larger ones for the living area would be my preference. It will be just a matter of looking, getting aboard and getting 'that feeling' - similar to when you buy a house. Maybe it'll be completely different to how I am thinking at the moment. Just to add, I am very lucky to have my own little business working from home so am able to work my own hours (about 4 hours a day) and then get to the boat. I live near the Aylesbury and Wendover arms of the Grand Union and plan to do continual cruising between Milton Keynes and Harefield
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