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  1. aha, u seem to be the guy who is doing what I want to do and the way I want to do it, so the height is not an issue - great, how many areas have u avoided because of it or the beam width , that is one thing that was worrying me, do you navigate leigh/wigan area a lot, I grew up for a few yrs just near Pennington Marina would want to travel that stretch , I dont suppose you have a v/blog do you I can have a smooch, sorry about all the questions but u have just got me all exited 😁 yes , I watched a Vid or two on the Wigan bit, I never knew we had that many , I think I will be sneaky on t
  2. thank you for that, I had already chosen in my head about the serial hybrid but was struggling to find info about it to show it was more efficient this has helped me a great deal, I am also very interested in heat exchangers, I know there are some systems that utilize the generator/engine heat to heat water for domestic use or underfloor heating, I would be interested to know if anyone is exploring using the canal water to help refrigerate or lose heat, ie making a HVAC system for a canal boat like you would in a seafaring yacht , after all these English summers seem to be getting quite warm s
  3. thats what I am trying to work out, what is the largest/best size boat to do as much travelling round as I can but still have room to live on, with everyone's input I have kinda thought 60 x 12 is gonna be the max
  4. yes it would have been nice, I am sure if Crick is on u guys will b talking about it
  5. kind of, I want to get something that is as much of an " all rounder " as possible, I know there are going to be trade offs , no midlands for a W/B, lenght in some area's , it then kind of progressed further on someone's suggestion , the north of England is my home area so really its to cover that
  6. you don't advise Collingwood then 😁, I will have a look at some barges, is there a manufacturer you would advise
  7. Hi, yes so a dutch barge is appealing but wont I run into height issues with a fixed wheelhouse, I know they can have ones that you can lower but that sounds a pain in the posterior every time I hit a low bridge in England , I really like the Collingwood ( see link ) I believe it was bespoke but if they have done it once, again I need to check the heights for bridges and the " air draft " , which I presume is a combination of width , height and curviness https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/collingwood-galactica-for-sale/642792
  8. OK thanks Bee, its all food for thought, do I detect a little Aussie accent there ?, how would the Barges be on the Norther England bit, wouldn't I have to worry about draft as well ? , I am trying to get as much info together as I can so when I can come and do my initial Rekkie back in Blighty I know what to look for , thx for the info
  9. ok, I will start looking at those , I have found one that Collingwood have done altho I believe it was for one of the owners , its a bit fancy but the basic idea's on it are close to what I want, its not part of their std range but if they have done it B4 they could do it again , thanks again https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/collingwood-galactica-for-sale/642792
  10. yes, going round the bumpy bit at Norfolk sounded a bit scary to me too, the Channel bit would be hair raising enough, the thought of wintering in the south of France does have a certain appeal to it tho , I will have to ask my Twucker friend the complexities of this, he does a lot of Continental crossing/driving , thx for the feedback
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