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  1. Not sure yet, just waiting to hear back from them. £650 + VAT is a bit more than I'd like to pay, I have to say! And I suppose it'll be quite a bit more than that now 10 years later. I suppose we'd be shelling out a lot more on these types of problems if we lived in a house, or so we keep telling ourselves when things go wrong!!
  2. I have received an email back from Sterling. They have said: "I believe the issue is one of two things, both of which can be solved with a module replacement. How old is this combi? I believe the faults are either a)Module calibration error causing relay failure or b)An AC spike has damaged the AC board part of the module." Richard - luckily, we have a friend on the marina who is an electrician and said he would be happy to fit the part/make the swap, so we shouldn't have to send it back to Sterling! Hopefully it's a straightforward swap like yours was.
  3. This sounds very plausible to me! Thank you so much for your advice, really appreciate it. I did say I wasn't an electrician, as you can probably tell by the following mistake: what I always thought was "switching the inverter on" and "switching back to shoreline power" was actually switching to "power saver off" and then switching to "power saver auto" (which has been making the 230V/shoreline power connection come back on when it has cut out). I didn't realise that our inverter would come on automatically if the shoreline power supply ceased, so when the shoreline power supply cu
  4. Has anybody experienced this problem before? Let me know if you need any more information. I am no electrician, so might have used the wrong terminology here and there, do forgive me! We live on a 60ft 2009 narrowboat in a marina, always connected to shoreline when moored. Problem: 230V power will suddenly cut out when connected to shoreline, regardless of time of day/temperature outside/what is running When power has gone off, lights (indicating battery on float charge/fast charge/inverter on) on inverter (Sterling Pro Combi S) not displaying Power can be t
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