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  1. Have to love the how everyone is Sherlock Holmes in this matter. The police have said the boat belongs to the new owner that’s ME. I’ve revived messages of threats etc from the previous owner who has been informed he is not allowed to contact me or approached the boat. He has repeatedly broke the law and continues to try and contact me.I have not stolen a boat, he confirmed there is a contract in place, if he wishes to go via a civil case for breach of contract etc he’s welcome to but in almost 3 months he hasn’t and didn’t make any police report until I owned the boat for 2 months. The boat i
  2. I did receive a bill of sale, it’s been shown to the police the previous owner in his original Facebook post states a contract was signed along with this post and others and contracts bank statements etc the police have agreed I’m the owner as far as there concerned. But if the previous owner has issue with anything he’s welcome to take legal advice and start a civil matter I’ll happily prove it in court. So many people have messaged me through Facebook etc with threats of taking it back or violence it’s really made me ill, I have early onset dementia and stage 1 Parkinson’s buying the boat wa
  3. Evening all, im the legal owner of the boat and confirmed this with Leicester police and officer Emma Holmes from the rural team on Wednesday. No criminal act has happened on my side I’ve been the victim of a potential scam but have the paperwork and licensing in place. Licensing was confirmed in the presence of the police and Nick the local licensing officer for the CRT. I have started civil proceedings against the previous owner so won’t obviously go in to to much detail, but I have been informed if they attempt to enter the boat or remove the boat they will be committing a crim
  4. Hi john6767 there is more to it all but at the moment there’s an on going police investigation regarding a report I have made about the previous owner. I don’t think it would be appropriate to go in to details just incase it reaches the court stage of criminal proceedings. I think reporting a boat stolen in February that was sold in December is rather strange but Ive heard stranger. I have all the reinvent paperwork with regards to a sale and regarding licensing I can assure you I own this boat I’m not sure why the previous owner has done this but I won’t just curl up and hide and allow my ho
  5. Good morning, Im the current owner of the boat with paper work to prove so including statements. I have personally spoken to themes valley police this morning explained the situation and been informed if the previous owner approaches the boat to call 999 immediately. I am not a thief I was maybe a little naive as its my first boat but I am defiantly not by any means a con man I bought the boat in December in Oxford and have been learning the ropes ever since and making her my home as she now is. Its taken 2 months for the previous owner to claim there is any fraud or crime. I have also spoken
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