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  1. The duratank liner came with a set of purification beads in a sack that sat over the water tank inlet. When you filled your tank the water kind of went through these. Duratank has since folded but I know there are people on the forum who use the system and I was wondering if they knew where/what they were. Or, how I can replace them If you search this forum for duratank you'll see what it is. They no longer exist as a company, hence why I'm asking the question
  2. I thought I might bump this topic. If anyone has any idea what the purification beads were that were in the duratank, I'd be most grateful. Or how I would replace them
  3. I'll try that fuel pump filter, thanks. Is there something I can do at the minute, clean it etc or is replacing the only option?
  4. Yes, sorry position one on the ignition. Thing is I don't hear the electric pump, tbh I cant ever remember hearing it. I did check that I didn't disconnect any wiring and it all looks fine. I'm not 100% sure I know what "properly mated" means tbh but there doesn't look like there's wear, seems connected not frayed etc. I changed the secondary fuel filter. I didn't realise there was a filter on the pump? How would I find this ? Appreciate the post btw, thanks
  5. Greetings After a recent service I think I air locked the engine. I have run the engine in the 1 position but I don't hear any noise of the pump. It doesn't appear to be airlocked up to the fuel injector now as I bled the filters of air. Does anyone know what order to bleed the injectors in? Or how to remove the airlock without the self bleed. Any advice? Cheers
  6. Greetings! As the title suggests I'm looking to get the purifcation beads that were used in the Duratank. It appears that Duratank and the hovercraft company they were involved with no longer exists online. Would anyone know is it possible to get in contact with them? Or, Does anyone know what I could use instead of them? Any help greatly appreciated
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