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  1. Thanks for the comments. As @nicknormansays it is an F11. Going off his comments and the ebay link given earlier on a fair price seems to be £400 for starters, so if anyone is interested get in touch.


    The item is preferably collection only from either Leigh or Preston Brook, but could possibly ship for cost wherever.


    Cheers again




  2. I've been asked to help find a new home for a Lucas Francis Lamp. The owner knows there's a certain amount of value of said lamp, but doesn't really know what to ask as a fair price. Some pictures are attached and any suggestions or feedback most welcome.


    The item comes with a mounting bracket and storage bag as shown and the lamp has some slight damage in the form of a hair line crack also shown in the pictures.20220824_160226.jpg.5fd08ed9821c93f3e7c1f6fad3f30a60.jpg


    Cheers :)






  3. 19 minutes ago, frangar said:

    Didnt @Liam of this parish take it over fairly recently? 


    Yep that's correct 👍 


    11 minutes ago, Roving-Roy said:

    We passed this on Tuesday no hire boats there and no signage looking rather tired as well.


    You won't find any hire boats there either. When Claymoore went into liquidation all of their assets were sold off, including the few boats that they actually owned. The majority of the boats were under a sponsorship scheme and have since either been sold or relocated elsewhere.


    Looking rather tired is an understatement! But we've (well, Kez has done most of the work to be honest) have been beavering away in the background completely stripping out the old rooms to create a shop, office and usable and functional workshop space. We have a lot of exciting plans in the pipeline but like most things on this scale they take quite a lot of time and even more money.


    We are getting there though, and we're pleased to announce we're hosting the first of (hopefully) many courses; this one is a beginners Canal Roses course on Sunday 31st July, being run by Kerri Williams aka The Heritage Crafter.

  4. I've recently had a visit from my Calor rep, and he too said that the 3.9 and 4.5 cylinders would be phased out. No mention of the same for the 13 and 15kg cylinders, but he did say that they'd invested £17m in new cylinders so I think they will still continue to be around for a while yet.

  5. I'm heading south, and whilst passing through Worsley just now, there's a bloke on a bike suggesting people stay put in Worsley for the time being as the aqueduct is off until Thurs. He apparently was told this earlier by the guys on the ground.

    49 minutes ago, Derek Porteous said:

    Nothing on the Bridgewater Canal web site

    There never is unfortunately, the tank breaking down happens very frequently and I haven't seen anything posted in previous times.

  6. I'm happy to report that the required bearing has been tracked down, ordered and should be with me tomorrow morning.


    For anyone in the same predicament as me in the future it is a CRL10A bearing 🙂


    Thanks for the comments

  7. Hi Tracy, the photo above is a bit misleading, it's actually a 3:1 pictured and the shaft sizes between the 2:1 and 3:1 differ slightly.


    I took all of the old bearings from the 2:1 to the shop, and replacements were found and purchased apart from the 1 in the picture. I left it with them last week to try and source so don't have it with me to measure. I am hoping that theres a slim chance somebody has the bearings required scribbled down on the back of a fag packet somewhere after changing their own 🙂

  8. Having done the Autherley to Stourport section of the Staffs & Worcs for the first time last year, I love it so much I'm currently doing it again, with a trip to Gloucester. The bit between Compton and Wolverley is the best, very scenic and canal side pubs along the way. Lots of moorings too and I've only past half a dozen boats. I'd recommend it.

  9. * Gone up £3 as in was £37, now £40.


    The Calor issue has been going on for about 2 years all together now. It's still absolutely shocking and deliveries are constantly late and always short.


    I'm trying to work around it by ordering about 10 at a time rather than say 20, and I have split up my available cylinders so I can arrange deliveries to both Leigh and Preston Brook. It seems little and often works best when ordering.

  10. 28 minutes ago, Tracy D'arth said:

    I notice that the Calor cylinder painting  refers to Warwick. Surely they are not all refilled or serviced there?


    That's just their head office.


    I think there's only 2 places where they are refilled and serviced now, one being Port Talbot. I can't remember the name of the other one.


    One does the North and the other does the South, that's why it appears that the regions get varying levels of service.


    I've just checked my Calor account online and the 13kg Propanes have gone up £3 :(

  11. 1 hour ago, dmr said:

    The long ones will likely draw better but are more likely to need to come down to get through bridge 'oles (or get knocked off).

    If you are a cruising boat get a short one, if you are a static boat get a long one, or even better get one of each.

    If you are a traddy boat then a short one at the front and a long one at the bavk 😀


    A traditional boat only has an 8ft cabin so only space for 1 stove 😉

  12. 6 hours ago, David Mack said:

    Bedford Basin at Leigh?

    Not an option at the moment.


    Janet at the Boat & Butty, Runcorn may be able to help on 07534160810 but there's no crane on site so you'd obviously have to budget this in for when you're lifted out and back in again at the end of your work.

  13. 4 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    But it doesn't really matter as you claim the VAT back (assuming that a seller of diesel has either chosen to be VAT registered, or have sufficient income to require registration) and pay the 5% - 20% VAT on sales to HMRC anyway.


    Yes but then on the other hand, really does matter if the seller isn't VAT registered.

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