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  1. I’ve seen a few boats around using cheap eBay plastic fuel tanks on the outside. Probably for diesel heaters/ Webastos. I personally wouldn’t worry about a small amount of diesel as it’s low risk. Petrol and LPG is a different story.
  2. I see. Should be fine as under 12 litres and spilt fuel will go overboard . I’ll send a picture to my BSS examiner that done my exam last time to check it’s ok. I could always create a runner from the filling point so it runs directly over board.
  3. The breather and filler will go out on to the deck. Any spills will technically run on to the deck first and then into the water. Not brilliant for slipping over. Is it ok that it will run to the back deck first? But no fuel will enter the boat.
  4. Yeah I know. It will be me, the drill and a metal file for a few hours creating a vent hole and fuel inlet hole on the outside.
  5. Thanks. Is this what you are talking about for vent pipe? https://www.asap-supplies.com/products/maestrini-chrome-plated-brass-tank-vent-with-gauze-16mm-305102
  6. Good news everyone! I’ve just ordered a custom made steel fuel tank which will be bolted to the wall on the inside of the boat. I’ve decided to go for a thin tank which can hold 15 litres ( so no more Jerry cans). Fuel inlet in accordance with regulations 33mm diameter ( min is 31.5mm on BSS) which will go to the outside of the boat with ISO rated pipe, 9.5mm vent pipe ISO( min is 9.5mm) and 9.5mm fuel line ISO with cut off switch. I managed to find someone to do it for £100 plus postage. Ridiculous how much some welders are charging ... one quoted me £360 for bit of metal! Mental.
  7. The fuel line has to be a fire rated ISO hose which you can buy from a Chandlers. Vent has to 3/8 an inch in diameter but doesn’t have to be for fuel tanks under 27 litres. I’ve answered my own question! No to unmarked CE plastic tanks. Fuel tanks.... ‘ Materials obviously suitable for diesel include: • aluminium alloy • ‘CE’ marked plastic • FRP • mild steel • stainless steel’ ‘ All plastic fuel tanks outside the scope of the RCD, which are not manufactured to an appropriate standard or code, do not comply with Boat Safety requirements’ .
  8. Thank you. Exactly that’s why I was asking you guys on here for advice before installing a plastic one.
  9. I couldn’t care less about the BSS requirements personally but I’m mainly concerned about insurance so will comply with BSS requirements 😏. I was just trying to ask whether the plastic tank has to be CE approved.
  10. Ooh cheers mate good reply. I was just thinking about buying a Chinese 5 litre tank and adding vent ( 1/2 inch I think is the requirement), ISO hose and shut off valve. Quotes atm for 5 litre metal tank atm is about £150!!!🤨
  11. Obviously a different attitude. Health and safety gown mad! 5 litres of diesel is going to do much damage. I don’t mess with gas! No I have metal box outside ( vented ect in accordance with BSS) where I store a few Jerry cans and I drive to a garage everything couple of months to refill.
  12. No for narrowboat. I’ve been using a Jerry can for about a year and have enough suitable storage for around 20 litres of diesel. I only move about 4 miles a time and have a vehicle to refill my 20 litre can. I don’t need a big tank but I’ve a large 30 litre tank at my shed. Permanent but I could remove when the next BSS comes up.
  13. Looking to install 5 litre plastic fuel tank from China for gravity fed engine system ( Diesel) Problem is it’s not CE approved. I understand BSS requirements under 27 litres are a bit more flexible. Any problems with me installing that? I would use a bigger tank but I’m not keen on having a 12 volt pump connected and also I like the extra storage space.
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