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  1. I'm having solar panels installed on the roof near the front of my 47 ft narrowboat. It's the only space they'll fit as I have a large skylight at the rear. Does it make sense to run the cable that need to come back to the stern where the batteries and MPPT controller will be: outside along the top of the roof, or try to bring it inside and hide it under the gunnels if possible. I'm worried about weather damage outside and yet another thing on the roof to get tangled in etc. Any thoughts on what would be best here? Thank you!
  2. Hi all, any recommendations for a marine electrician to help me with a power audit and installation of solar panels on my new to me narrow boat? I'm in the Brentford/Hanwell area of the grand union canal. Many thanks!
  3. Thanks. It stalls in neutral, but is fine in gear. I believe it can go into neutral once it is warmed up.
  4. Thanks for all the super helpful feedback! I've spoken with an engineer and he said if it's not the idle speed, then it could be a band in the gearbox that needs replacing! Need to find out what kind of gearbox it is.
  5. Good evening, I've recently had a pre-purchase survey which found that the engine stalls in neutral, but starts easily. The owner gets around this by putting it into gear and hitting the disabling button. It will then supposedly work in neutral once warmed up. The engine is a Lister petter diesel around 20 years old. The surveyor said that starting it the way the owner does could damage the gears. The owner claims that this isn't an issue. Should I get a quote for repair and negotiate price down? Any thoughts on possible issues? Supposedly the engine has just been serviced, but oil level is only half full. Would a service normally top up the oil?
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