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  1. It was solid poo, but probably quite fresh. I doubt it had even been composted for a week, and it should not be in the bin. (That is my own personal view). Either compost it as specified, or get a pump out or cassette. All the comparison posts regarding nappies is not acceptable. This is large scale human waste going into the nearest rubbish bin, and with the increasing popularity of composting toilets, will only become a bigger issue.
  2. It so happens that I do recognise waste when I see and smell it. I did not accuse you of dumping it, at best I accused you of looking over my shoulder at the time, (my using a whiff of sarcasm). You seemed to be suggesting that you knew better than me, so I can only assume you were looking over my shoulder when I came across it.
  3. It was definitely solids, with sawdust or something, and I doubt it had been stored previously. Also, I didn’t notice any other person present at the time, were you hiding?
  4. I see it that a boat with a composting toilet is not really geared up for the amount of waste two people produce. The lack of storage space, and the timescale needed to properly treat it just doesn’t add up. It is then going into the bins, still wet, and I did experience this when lifting a bin lid last summer. It’s not acceptable really, and I’m not surprised it has become an issue.
  5. It was not so much “expect” to get wide beams, it was presented in their initial planning stages to provide berths for them. I was made aware of that by a friend who had pre booked a berth for his wide beam prior to the marina being completed.
  6. Noted you are struggling. The man controls the ball. 😉
  7. Not one for dancing myself, but you go ahead 😊 Agree.
  8. The insight was yours fella, you made a declaration, own it. If expressing my views suggests to you that I am “deliberately trying to start arguments”, you should just maybe take a second to look in the mirror. I have no connection whatsoever to NBTA, but I do accept the fact that some of you struggle when someone steps onto your “turf”. Petty behaviour, but often the way of forums.
  9. It seems the Canal and River Trust were heavily engaged with the marina planning at the outset. They would have seen the planned layout intention, along with the number of berths both wide and narrow. They agreed, and the work was carried out. Any back peddling by Canal and River Trust, (in order to appease a small minority of “moaners”) could see them in a spot of bother, and rightly so. I’m afraid this particular issue will not be resolved anytime soon. Wide boats are here to stay, even on the North Oxford.
  10. It is not I doing the “name calling” fella. How do you know this, do you work for The Canal and River Trust?
  11. Reading some of your posts on this subject, I’m inclined to believe you’re suffering small Willy syndrome fella. My own point of view, the narrow boat is on its way out, albeit very slowly. Quite often change is ugly, but nothing can stop it. Some just don’t fancy holidaying or living in a corridor. These wide beam fellas are becoming increasingly popular, definitely on the March, and silly sniping or name calling won’t stop it.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. 9 posts? I suggest a visit to spec savers fella 🙂
  14. There are quite a few on here who need to grow up a bit. Mr shouty, mr angry etc etc The telltale sign of course is the fact you need moderators. Just that in itself speaks volumes.
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