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  1. It’s only locked with a crt key
  2. Intruder unfortunately but I’ve had some help in the form of the police who helped with a jump starter. Have to love the police round here great bunch
  3. Unfortunately everything’s died and the solar isn’t taking much at the moment so total us dead to the world it seems
  4. Hi everyone, I’m having a slight issue someone’s attempted to get my boat moving over the weekend whilst I was in hospital, they left a key in the ignition so it’s drained my batteries. I have a jump starter but it’s dead so won’t get me started. Is anyone able to help with leaning me a jump starter at castle gardens today ? Just for a couple minutes. Thank you
  5. HI all I hope everyones keeping well. Ive been moving my 52ft narrow to Lincoln for some time now and im finally in touching distance just 93 miles to go lol so 4 days and 5 hours. The problem is I'm poorly I recently got diagnosed with Parkinsons so im a little slower then id like to be until new meds kick in and although I really want to keep moving her I can't do it alone anymore, I was wondering if anyone out there has any contact that can help moving a boat, I can still drive just doing locks at the moment takes me forever. I don't have a huge budget but can pay.
  6. Hi guys I’ve checked by blowing air down the line and there’s bubbles so fingers crossed that’s a clean like, but I can’t pull the fuel down the line no matter how hard I suck, I even connected a little hand water pump and after 5 mins of pumping still nothing. Is it worth pushing fuel down the line to the tank ? Can I prime it that way ? Thank you
  7. Hi everyone I hope everyone’s safe out there. I have a kabola old English stove and I’m having a couple problems. I don’t seem to be drawing and diesel from the tank to the stove. I’ve followed the fuel line back and all the way to the cut off tap at the fuel tank I have nothing coming in. I’ve checked I have no blockages and it’s gravity fed so I’ve even made sure I have to after in the bow tank so I’m balanced out but still nothings coming. Is there a method to draw the diesel Through the pipe to the stove ? I’ve even thinking connect a pipe and suck hard until it draws it along
  8. Hi thank you for the reply it’s one of these
  9. Hi all so I kind of messed up getting in to the engine bay I kicked off the big red key for the starter battery and it flung out somehow and ended in the water it’s gone and lost for ever it seems. I’m just near Daventry before the buckby top lock and wondering if any one knows where to buy one at the moment or if anyone has a spare to help for now thank you in advance
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