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  1. 28’ Dutch Sailing Barge
  2. ... I’ll check with the engineer when I see him
  3. It’s a Sole 34 / 4 cylinders. I think 12V, as that’s what all the other circuits are on.
  4. @Tony Brooks Thanks! I found this for joining my positive cables: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B08S7G64TP Rated at 300A. Is it enough for starting engine?
  5. @Tony Brooks Thank you for this information, it’s super helpful. The inverter is 400W, so I trust not likely to overheat the switch. The boat originally came with two solar panels, each of which was charging one of the batteries only. But then the seller put the 4-way switch in and wired them both via a MPPT controller to the switch output, so I could select which battery to charge. This was intended as an improvement. I hadn’t registered that if the switch is off no battery will be charged! Though I will be living aboard, so it is unlikely I shut down t
  6. @Richard10002 Thanks. I’ve found a heavy duty busbar online that would do the job. Though it would need a cover.
  7. @Tracy D'arth This is what was in here for solar connection... wtf
  8. @Tony Brooks I’ve actually already got a decent 1-2-Both-Off switch (which you can see in the pic is hanging off the side of the battery storage box while I’m painting). So I only really need a way of connecting those heavy duty cables. Plus adding solar and inverter positive leads. Any suggestions on how to rig ? Thanks
  9. @Tracy D'arth Haha!! The whole wiring is a mess !! You would freak at the solar panel connections. I’ve just got the boat, so sorting it little by little
  10. @philjw No it’s not home made, it’s embossed moulded plastic. Though in a Dutch sailing barge so prob hard to find an exact replacement :-// Would be happy with anything that works. @Tony Brooks Thx. I’ll check out Blue Sea switches...
  11. Damn! I broke the battery isolator (runs from battery selector 1-or-2 to main switch panel). One side of the housing cracked. It’s an unusual design: you pull the slider out to break the circuit. Any idea where I can find a replacement? Pic attached:
  12. dewshi


    I know how to use google. I wanted local knowledge Thanks @Tony Brooks. I am probably passing a B&Q on the way by car.
  13. dewshi


    @Jen-in-Wellies @Tony Brooks @Sea Dog @David Mack @Onewheeler @Alan de Enfield Thanks for replies! My error! I'm on the Thames at Hampton Court. Looking to buy a new orange 13KG Calor Gas bottle.
  14. dewshi


    Anyone know where I can buy a gas bottle, near Hampton? Thanks
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