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  1. Hi Everyone, we'll soon be installing our gas system for the narrowboat. Is it within regs for us to run the gas pipe ourselves to the location where we have the cooker? we would then have a marine gas engineer commision the gas pipe to the connections and bottle. Any thoughts or experience on doing this? Thanks! Adam
  2. Hi, I'm working out which isolation valves to use on our hot and cold water feeds to the shower in our NB. Can I use this plastic isolation valve below on the hot and cold water feeds? (it says max temp 65 degrees) JG Speedfit 15SV Isolating Valve 15mm 5 Pack | Isolating Valves | Screwfix.com OR should I use metal isolation valves like these? JG Speedfit Isolating Valve 15mm | Isolating Valves | Screwfix.com The metal ones are apparently also for central heating - what does this mean? Is central heating the same as your hot water supply to shower, sinks and rads? Thanks!
  3. Thanks folks it seems the electric grill element might complicate things. Also BEngo that is a good point about the depth and accessibility to shut off valves- thanks.
  4. Hi, would this be fine for installation on a boat? also any pointers or advice on choosing an oven for a narrowboat and the lpg related advice? https://www.currys.co.uk/products/kenwood-ks101gss-gas-oven-stainless-steel-10166795.html
  5. Hi Nick, thanks. That’s re-assuring. We will most likely leave the ones that have been connected and carry on from here with 3 way and 5 way. cheers!
  6. It’s just that we have wired up the leds in the way I’ve mentioned by doubling them up and some of the light switches and we’re not keen on doing them all again 😂
  7. Hi all, we’re using wago 221 clip connectors to connect 12v stranded cables. we have been twisting two positive cables into one side of a 2way connector and having one cable connecting to the outlet on the other side. So essentially making two cables become one cable so that we can connect up usbs and din sockets. Is this ok and safe to do? It’s a very good clamped connection with the two twisted strands in one side. The cable doesn’t pull out at all. They are also well within their recommended amp rating.
  8. Hi all, we’re using Wago connectors to join our connections on our 12v system. My issue is that we have a 10mm oceanflex black and red cable going to the jabsco water pump (2mm or so cable). I can’t work out how to connect the 10mm cables to the pump cables as wagos are too small. Can anyone recommend a way to connect 10mm cablesto 2mm (thereabouts) cables? thanks, Adam
  9. Hi Alan, we have calculated and allowed for volt drop along the 12 volt power outlet circuits. we expect to draw power from the 12 volt din outlets for laptops, small electrical items. We're using a variety of 2,4,6,10mm tinned cable.
  10. thanks Alan, I don't have a multi meter but I believe I can borrow one. We're wiring up a new sailaway and connecting the pumps and sockets etc in the next few weeks.
  11. thanks folks, image is of a cheapish ebay one but im new to connecting these and the image is for reference only. thank you for your help
  12. Hi, can anyone advise on how to wire up these din sockets to 12 volt pos and neg cables?
  13. hi all, can i use a conventional low profile shower drain in my shower installation on a narrowboat? It will be connected to a whale gulper (already installed). Just checking there isnt some kind of specialist boat shower drain /trap which should be used. Thanks, Adam
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