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  1. 4 connections large brown to B+ ( ring) black to case stud ( ring) brown and yellow to terminal ( at top of row of 3 )small spade Black and Blue to W terminal (ring) can i ask does the small spade produce a voltage or is it for excitation ? just left boat so cant send picture
  2. Have not got a D+ tag W and B only 12 volts on B direct from battery No output on W
  3. Hi My son went out on our canal boat and ran the engine for about an hour with the ignition switch in the off position Now the battery charge light won't go off Got a new Alternator but still have the same fault Any Ideas please Battery voltage present on alternator. Exitation voltage is 4.5 volts from the charge light . Winding throttle up makes no difference Any ideas ???? Neil
  4. i did not install this so if there is something missing please don't be shy on pointing it out will take picture tomorrow of the top many thanks for help yes it is polystyrene Neil
  5. yes steel roof with cast iron collar
  6. thanks all will get photos tomorrow its defiantly not smoke so flue isn't leaking I suspect there is an air gap after the flue enters the roof section and the outer skin of the boat
  7. I have just bought a canal boat with a squirrel stove fitted If the stove has wood burnt in it the roof gets really hot and an acrid smell comes under the roof linings and into the cabin it is not a smoke smell but more a melting plastic smell any ideas of reason before I start tearing the ceiling down many thanks Neil
  8. I am just installing a Eberspaecher water heater system what antifreeze should i use ?
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