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  1. Just want to thank you MartynG. I left this job for ages (well, over a year actually) and only came back to it a few weeks ago. I measured the voltage at each battery and all fine. I gambled on the Albright Solenoid because of the way it had failed and the clicking noise. Now all working again. Perseverance pays off, sometimes….. Thank you too Tracy!
  2. I’ll get some photos next weekend Nothing looks corroded. What does the solenoid look like?
  3. Not sure but will check. Does the BT go off the normal starter battery or leisure battery? Can you still get them, and can I remove the BT from the spline with the boat in the water?
  4. It just clicks at the thruster end when I press the port/starboard button. As if there is power to the unit but maybe a fuse has gone or something?
  5. Anyone help? I’ve got a Nobel Aquafax and it was working fine till last weekend. Voltage at the bow thruster end is 13.2 V on a multimeter which I think is enough to power the motor, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Controller box at the stern also seems to be powered. However, in removing the cover, a inch thick metal band (clamp?) with a hole in either end fell out as I removed it. I have heard rumours of a sacrificial split pin that fails in order to protect the motor if it’s overused. If so, does anyone have any knowledge or can post some pictures to help? thank you. Jay Tee
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