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  1. That is actually the same effect, as you pass over a shallow patch at speed the restriction of water, like a block effect slows the boat down, the stern wave catches up lifting the stern.
  2. The camera is from the Trafford side of the ship canal, the control box/unit is to the north of the tank.
  3. The see-saw effect is basically when your stern wave catches up with you, this happens when traveling at a speed'ish rate and then pulling back quite heavily on the rev's or even knocking it out of gear
  4. This route uses Weston Point dock as a lock and the gates from the Ship canal into the dock have been left in the open position for many years. Stobart's had plans to open up Weston Point dock to the ship canal which would require sealing up the lock gates under the swing bridge and removing part of the quay to allow large ships to swing here, obviously this has never happened.
  5. Update and pic's I have fitted the replacement end plate CW bearing type seal as in 1st pic, 2nd pic shows previous end plate, having run the engine for an hour or so it's now completely dry but then it would also be a dry if I'd fitted a new felt seal, so I guess only time will tell
  6. I'm posting this for any advice or comments that may help Here's the set up on a 57ft narrowboat It's a JP2 industrial engine with a marine fresh water centrifugal pump cooling from a skin tank. Calorifier fed from out feed from pump and return before a thermostat (72°C) Lots of domestic hot water but output from engine only gets to 60°C max and return from skin tank 40°C End plate on water pump has a felt seal, this is sealed by a grease cup using waterproof grease I continuously have problems with leaks from the felt seal to which I've replaced numerous times, grease just pouring through seal, my thoughts on this being the continuous pressure from pump not being able to circulate around system I've decided to go for a proper bearing type seal, in which I've had the end plate outer lip cut out to fit a 42mm x 28mm x 7m seal I will post pics soon just am having phone issues!
  7. Stop whinging and just get on with boating
  8. That's a nice photo, he's a real nice guy and great to chatter with, we'd buy stuff even if we didn't need it. It's been a few years since we last seen him there and he was going on about his health then, I'm sure he drank in the willymoor and he likes the strong beers, so maybe that's the place to ask about him
  9. I agree with this, if you have the PRV spilling straight overboard there is a risk of spraying hot water out and if you do have anti-freeze contamination you'll be killing fish!
  10. If you want your monies worth out of a gas bottle, one problem with an auto change over is that it won't completely empty the bottle
  11. From my notes facts and figures for Marsh lock, max. length of vessel 66.4m (218ft), max. beam 12.19m (40ft), max. draught 3.2m (10ft 6in), other locks on the Weaver will be the same dimensions
  12. Ellesmere arm for Tesco Whitchurch arm for everything Wrenbury for eating and drinking Barbridge as above Shady Oak as above Chester for everything Lots pubs in Ellesmere also
  13. Don't know where you got that from, previous owner bought a motorhome and went off touring, new owners have invested heavily into the place
  14. Can confirm it is open, have a look on 'Trip Advisor' for reviews and booking is essential
  15. You can't beat winter cruising beautiful and peaceful, but my requirements are; trad stern, boatmans stove (toasty)
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