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  1. Thanks Pearley, called him not available until 6th of November. So I said I would call back if the work required was still undone.
  2. I think they are eager to get it out of the yard and for it to return to become a lovely boat again. They provide welding services but not on a permanent basis as in they do not need to employ a full time welder so I think they are okay with 3rd party. Thanks Ditchcrawler, Kev was literally the first message I sent and we spoke but unfortunately to distance it is not economical on time for working and would struggle to keep on deadline.
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  5. Hi All, this is my first post on here and I was looking for some help in regards to finding a welder to help me with my new project. I have just bought a 50ft Hancock and Lane Narrowboat as a shell with a brand new 8mm base plate tacked to the bottom. I am needing a mobile welder to be able to get to Stourport on Severn and who would be willing to undertake this work. I am needing the baseplate welded to the bottom of the boat, the superstructure to be adjusted and welded down, rubbing strakes installed and a bit of work doing under the deck. I appreciate any advice or pointing me in the right direction and thanking you all in advance!
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