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  1. TheBiscuits: I am quite new and am attempting to understand. Your reply, I feel, was unnecessarily brisk. Not the way to encourage questions, learning and participation in this forum in my view.
  2. Thanks. I doubt the increase can be accounted fo purely on more people living aboard, not sure increased approx 50% in a single year in line with the number of suck boats. Apart from sealing stern and bow compartments from the main ballast chamber what else can be done. I mean structurally. Is there an alternative to having engine vents on the boat side near water level? Please assume safe maintenance and not having to many people onboard is already being followed.
  3. Thanks TheBiscuits. My question is more fundamental but you raise an excellent point. In your comment the subversion of the air vents floods the engine bay... but then what? What from there is causing the whole boat to sink. That's the bit I'm trying to understand. Thank you.
  4. Thanks Tony. I appreciate your reply and suggestions. I wasnt clear, sorry. I meant rapid sinking as opposed to gradual flooding from neglect of maintenance. I saw figures from CRT saying that last year the number of sunk boats nearly doubled from the year before and was over 100 so not a statistical trick. Noone is clear why the sudden increase. I'm trying to clarify how I might go about reducing the risk of this in my near-future build to sail away. Want to try and build into the build specs. I absolutely will be discussing this with the firm at the time but wanted to understand the issues much better first.
  5. I admit myself confused. I get that an open weed hatch, faulty stern packing, or non functioning bilge pump will flood the engine bay - but why oh why does that sink the boat? The ballast at the bow counteracts the weight of several people standing on the stern so should be enough to counteract the weight of water in the engine bay. Am I missing something? Is the water getting from the engine bay into the main hull somehow and over weighing the whole boat? I thought the engine bay, below deck level, was a separate compartment from the main hull and ballast area. Surely there is more we can do to reduce risk of sinking?! Please can you guys clarify.
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