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  1. 1 hour ago, MtB said:

    I think licenses should be put up to £5,000 a year per boat as that is broadly what the canal system needs spending on it to keep it working. 


    The root problem is a serious disconnect between the huge cost of maintaining the canals and trivial sums CRT charge boaters pay to use them. 

    Says mr money bags

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  2. 2 hours ago, Neil2 said:

    When you observe the numbers of people piling onto the canals at the moment, previously half full marinas that now have waiting lists, and boats selling for twice what they were worth two years ago... I don't consider the licence fee to be anything like high enough.  


    I have always argued that it would be far better if boaters made a realistic contribution towards the upkeep of the canals because it would place them in a position of power, and make CRT more accountable.  As it is, it suits CRT very well that licence fees make up less than half the expense as it's a convenient excuse for a third rate service.  


    Of course the day will come when exchequer support is withdrawn altogether, and things really will fall apart then.  Not enough people really care that much about the waterways, and certainly not if it involves parting with money.  It's about time organisations like the IWA got real and started giving canal users the inconvenient truth.



    So the walkers Bikers Better by waterist should have a toll booth to enter the tow path and pay their way like boaters who pay license and mooring fees

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