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  1. Where can i buy the c spanners looked all over can not seem to find anyone selling them
  2. Long shot as anyone or know anyone who can repair them or has one surplus to requirements the ac gen is ok it is the box of trick that is acting up spoke to cox and sterling neither interested
  3. Maybe you should have got canalworld to design you a boat they all seem to be experts NOT
  4. Is it a Lucas or Bosch injector pump it should start first turn of the key check the compression valve clearence valve timing as it had a cam belt change check that these are bullet proof engines Sounds like a injector pump problem
  5. Crawling with crt men repairing the lock nearly ran in the cut with shock?
  6. Typical lefty give it a rest Stalin
  7. It was on crt ad promoting tow path walks a guy was talking to locals who where complaining about the plans for the car park The carpark is the long narrow one you could pay a pound to stop all day
  8. The car park is on the side of the large basin thro the sea lock it has hard standing chandlery workshops etc been taken over by aqua vista
  9. Heard a rumour crt are selling the car park that runs at the side of the basin for a development of flats etc Anyone heard anything
  10. He is still a bit wary of some people I have two other rescues one hates small dogs the other chases his tale in total i have had six rescues all gsd
  11. My latest rescue gsd Raffy took to boating like a duck to water i have two more they all love a good cruise
  12. Where is Gary peacock when you need him the nb was built by Ledgard bridge called pearly may belonged to a past member Bernie sadly no longer with us
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